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I’ve been meaning to say something about this, but keep assuming that everyone knows this.  3DS Max 2011 imports SketchUp (SU) files without needing any plug-ins or Connection Extension add ons.  This is most strategic for Autodesk, and I’m sure that Google is all flustered over this one.

So why is this so special?  Well, typically if you wanted to get your model from SU to 3ds Max, you would then have to have a SU Pro license to export your 3d model into either a .3ds or .obj file from SU.  But now that Max imports the .skp file straight up, this means that Max users can forgo the license for their SU software and use the free version.  Perhaps this will force Google to start charging for even the free version of SU.  But in the meantime, Autodesk has the match point.  So it will be interesting to see what happens in the future!

Detailed School bus 3d model. Can be used for architectural visualisations and exterior 3d scenes.

3d Formats included: 3ds max 8, Maya 8, Lightwave, 3ds, Obj

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Highly detailed 3d car model of Ferrari F430 with detailed interior.

Formats: 3ds max, Maya, Lightwave, Obj and 3ds.

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Gold textures
12 JPG | max.3200×2400 | 18 Mb

Grass Textures
10 JPG | max.3200×2400 | 22 Mb

Scratched metal textures
10 JPG | max.3200×2100 | 16 Mb

Grass & snow textures
10 JPG | от 2000×2000 до 3800×3800 | 41 Mb