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A Showcase of Workstations that’ll Make You Jealous

Computer Workstation Designs -Whether you’re a designer, developer, animator, or blogger, your workstation plays a major role in how you get things done. Some of us like a neat, clean, and inspiring workspace, while others require a crazy over-the-top hardware configuration.

25 Elegant Workstations for Your Inspiration

Whether you work on a Mac, a PC, or both – the way your workstation is set up reveals a lot about your sense of style and work attitude. Have a comfortable place where you can do your work can lead to increased creativity and productivity.This collection presents some excellent examples of elegant, beautiful, cozy, and well-designed workspaces so that you might get some ideas and inspiration from them.

50 Greatest Computer Workstation (PC/Mac) Setups

Whether you are working on a Mac, a PC, or even both, the way your workstation is setup tells more or less about your attitude and style of working. The workstation could also be your source of inspiration, therefore you might want to put in more thoughts on the place that you’ll spend most of your time at.We crawled through the net, checking out at how people setup their workstations, focusing how what machines they use, how they are positioned, the decorations, and how other peripherals come in order. Some might think setting up a cool workstation is nothing much but an ‘ego-thing‘ but we’ll like to add a point – lots of great ideas and inspiration came from great working environment, particularly the workstation.

36 Dream Workstations

Today I’m posting something worthy of some envy. We all know how important our working space is to our job and even to our motivation.

The Great Designer Workplace

Creative Workplace Ideas  – During daytime I work in an inspiring old converted, cigarette factory. This is quite a contrast with my work at home (evenings & weekends), where I sit next to the box with my daughter. My space consists of only an old oak desk and a 24 inch screen. I don’t surround my space with things that could distract me while working (well – except my daughter).

50 Awesome And Creative Web Designer Workspace Setups

Anyone who works on a computer has a workspace. Some peoples work spaces are clean and look nice, where as some people just go way over the top. I have compiled a showcase of 50 different web designer workspace setups.

10 seeeeeriously cool workplaces

Physical space matters. It’s easier to be productive, creative and happy at work in a colourful, organic, playful environment than in a grey, linear, boring one.And I’m not talking about the outside of the building. Many companies have buildings that are sleek, modern, architectural glass-steel-and-cement sculptures on the outside – and cubicle wastelands on the inside. These companies need to remember that most employees tend to work inside the building.With that in mind, here’s some eye candy from 10 different innovative, well-designed workplaces.

12 Inspiring Creative Workplaces

Your work environment directly influences your mood and ability to generate inspiration and creativity. Creative workplaces usually have interesting and visually stimulating elements throughout the space. Featured here are 12 creative workplaces that would succeed at inspiring any designer.