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25+ High-Quality Premium as Free WordPress Themes

Best Free WordPress Theme 2010 – Today takes some time to search high quality WordPress Premium looking themes, now mostly WP lovers follow and inspired from famous blog designs and try to find something like this, so we try to find something more likely as they finding and try to make an best list of WP themes which can use in every kind of blog or personal website, even in this professional WordPress theme listing we showing some news and magazine type themes which is more productive designs.

The DesignOra Free WordPress Theme

DesignOra has been live for a few months now, and we would like to show our appreciation to our regular subscribers, in addition to any newcomers, with a special treat. From the eyes of our team, The World Wide Web would not be quite what it is nowadays without some amazing design. We have brought to you unique fonts and typographic art, showcased fabulous and vibrant photography, and overall have reached in to bring to light a few fantastic things. While we have shared some homemade textures, graphics, and photos already, we have something new you should know about …

50 Newest Free WordPress Themes for 2010

In this collection, you’ll find 50 excellent, high-quality, frash, free WordPress themes for 2010 year! These themes range from being elaborate and colorful to being clean and simple so that you may find one that suits your design tastes. Great WordPress themes are pretty hard to find. Everybody who has run a Google search on “wordpress themes” knows that. So we thought an article like this will be useful.

25 Best Handpicked Adsense Ready WordPress Themes

Are you making money online with Google Adsense on your WordPress Theme? Okay, today we’ll show you 25 Best Handpicked Adsense Ready WordPress Themes that’ll help you optimize your website & maximum your earning from Google Adsense…

14 Fantastic Free WordPress Themes

Whether you’re a web developer whose clients need a great look and feel for their blogs, or just someone eager to bring a fresh new look to your own web site, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of free WordPress (WordPress) themes out there to consider. A number of those themes have been built by professional designers and talented amateurs, and are as easy on the eyes as they are easy on the wallet.

37 Sizzling New WordPress Theme

Almost half a year now that I didn’t open my theme settings. I was then contented with my theme which free and sad to say that I don’t have yet the budget to have premium theme.WordPress theme are being released nearly as an updating the content of CNN website everyday, but not all themes that being release are great some of them are for just a quick release.

55 Fresh & High Quality WordPress Themes

It can be pretty tough call to decide whether to invest in a premium WordPress theme or simply stick with a free one. This could be caused by a common perception we are shared – premium and paid stuff are always better than the free ones. Well, not always, at least that’s what we think.

10 Free WordPress Themes: April Package

Now a days, Free WordPress themes are overtaking the premium themes while comparing the options, interactive view, overall outlook etc. You guys may be looking for some of the most popular free wordpress themes. If we go through the famous blogs, we can see a lot of free wordpress theme packs. If you are just staring a new blog of your own, you can simply go for the free wordpress themes, since your site isn’t not so popular. But once you got some good traffic, its better for you to switch on to a unique theme. This will help you to get your own identity in blogger’s world.

Fresh Collection of 25 Best Free WordPress Premium like Themes 2010

It takes a long time,to find a great wordpress themes that looke nice.wordpress is the most popular blog publishing application however, You should pay hundred of dollars to have a great design on your pages.Another problem is when you search on google for wordpress application, you’ll find a result that most of them look the same and 80% of wordpress theme collections provide same Themes as other provides.

45+ Latest Free WordPress Themes (January – February 2010)

WordPress! is an award-winning CMS, which enables you to build Blogs, Web sites and powerful online applications. Many aspects, including its ease-of-use and extensibility, have made WordPress the most popular blog software available. Best of all, WordPress is an open source solution that is freely available to everyone.

30 Tutorials Combining Both WordPress and jQuery

Jquery-WordPress Plugins & Tutorials – Take the most popular CMS, WordPress, and then take the easiest and most versatile of Javscript libraries, jQuery, and you have a match made in heaven. Implementing jQuery within WordPress is a lot easier than you would think, all you need is a little support from the huge WP community and a little patience, and you are good to go. Below you will find 30 Tutorials Combining both WordPress and jQuery.

The Power of WordPress and jQuery: 25+ Useful Plugins & Tutorials

jQuery is ideal because it can create impressive animations and interactions while being simple to understand and easy to use. WordPress awesomeness lies in its fact that it can be customized to power any type of site you like! But what happens when you combine the power of jQuery with WordPress, the possibilities are infinite.

Jquery Plus WordPress : Plugins and Tutorials

WordPress is one of the famous blogging and CMS platform used by bloggers and now many corporate websites too. And jQuery is one of the most famous javascript framework used this days. So today we have collected some plugins along with tutorials which combines both wordpress and jquery.

10 Awesome Tutorials Combining WordPress And jQuery

Roundup of 10 awesome jquery tutorials that combine WordPress and the most famous javascript library – jQuery. Enjoy.

35 Stylish And Modern WordPress Plugins Using jQuery UI

n this post you’ll find out about very flexible and stylish WordPress plugins, which are based on Jquery UI. For a long time now jQuery has been very popular and modern approach displaying text, images, search, comment boxes etc. in modern way without any use of flash!Release jQuery power and enjoy benefits right now – hope you like my findings and you’ll put them in good use.

15 Creative WordPress Header Designs

here are millions of WordPress blogs on the internet, so to make your blog stand out from the heavy crowd you need to make it really stand out! The following blogs have designed creative eyecatching headers to attract attention, and they have succeeded. Many web gallery’s feature the websites listed here, and their designs have sparked much discussion and inspiration across the internet. I hope you enjoy looking at the sites below. It would be interesting to see how they created their stunning headers.

14 Truly Artistic WordPress Header Designs

WordPress designs are often overlooked, and so are some of the web designers. But the truth is that there are a lot of WordPress designs that are worthy of the same attention as other art works receive in galleries. Below we have highlighted 14 truly artistic WordPress header designs that will make you look twice and want to stare at it for hours.

32 Creative WordPress Header Designs

These 32 Creative WordPress Headers Designs are so freaking awesome there is no need for any kind of witty intro. Let’s do this!

19 Unbelievable WordPress Headers

With the amount of WordPress website flying around the Internet these days it is sometimes hard for designers to really have an impact and receive the attention they deserve. In this post, Designussion showcases a selection of outstanding WordPress for you to admire and take inspiration from.

25 Attractive and Creative WordPress Header Designs

There are millions of WordPress blogs on the internet, so to make your blog stand out from the heavy crowd you need to make it really stand out! The following blogs have designed creative eyecatching headers to attract attention, and they have succeeded.

40 Stylish, Minimal and Clean Free WordPress Themes

What has happened to blogging, minimal design seems to be a forgotten style within blogging, everywhere you look the themes are graphically and content heavy and the basic premise of blogging is missing, a simple online diary.

Lets make blogging look like its supposed to look!

Minimalism as a term is used to describe a design style that has been reduced to its bare elements, were only the content and navigation are evident and with limited graphics. Below, we present 40 Minimal WordPress Themes – Lets make blogging look like its suppose to!

Stylish, Minimal and Clean Free WordPress Themes

20 Beautiful Minimalist WordPress Themes

Minimalism in web design seems to be the new trend lately, and WordPress is the perfect candidate to put simplicity to good use. Good minimal design is more than white backgrounds and text-centered design — it requires the same balance, elegance, and purpose that good web design does.

Beautiful Minimalist WordPress Themes

10 Simple, Minimal and Clean Free WordPress Themes

Blogging is about content; minimal design has been forgotten by many within the blogosphere. All over the Internet you find themes that are heavy on imagery and forget the basic premise of blog design, a simple online journal. Let’s continue to promote simplistic design not only in the blogging world, but throughout the entire web.

Minimal and Clean Free WordPress Themes

43 Minimal And Really Clean Free WordPress Themes

In early days blogs were supposed to be simply online diaries and way how to write your thoughts without any business purpose. I will start to write personal blog in my own language as well and that’s because I wanted to find out how many simple and minimalistic themes are available for WordPress. Certainly I got again more than expected, but I tried to narrow article and be picky, but I still got 43 interesting and simplistic themes.

Minimal And Really Clean Free WordPress Themes

20 Free Minimal WordPress Themes

Minimalism as a term is used to describe a design style that has been reduced to its bare elements, were only the content and navigation are evident and with limited graphics. Below I’m sharing some of the best minimalist WordPress themes that are freely available to download.

download and enjoy!

Free Minimal WordPress Themes

30 Powerful WordPress Plugins For Blog Administrators

To handle a blog these days can be quite difficult if you are not well-organized and you don’t spend enough time managing it. That’s why there are plugins for WordPress. They literally make your job lot easier and if you work well with them you can put them to work for you.

48 WordPress Plugins to Branding Perfect Blog

Also you dont know PHP, CSS or JavaScript, even unknow the the basic ignorant of HTML, but you are lucky because have WordPress who have millions of plug-ins, so that you can easily create a perfect blog. Of course, which everybody mention on their blogs and repeat many times without big sense, because choice the better one is always a difficult task.

10 WordPress Plugins To Manage Your Ads Banners

Mostly questions asked! How Monetize your blog? How to put various networking codes in right place into your blog? There are numbers of networks that available for maximize the revenue. But, it is more effective when you placed into right place and adjust or wrap in your posts/ pages. You can easily ad BuySellAds, Adsense, Chtika, Adify, CrispAds, OpenX etc

6 Best WordPress Plugins For SEO in 2010

So which are the Best WordPress Plugins for SEO in 2010? Within the past year, a lot of changes have been implemented that have affected how search engine optimization works. The growth of social media sites, Google’s “Caffeine,” “Real Time Search,” and “Personalized Search,” are a few of the primary catalysts.

9 Useful WordPress Poll And Rating Plugins

If you are a WordPress user, then you are lucky. There are a lot of useful WordPress poll and rating plugins where you can download and use freely. Here, we share 9 useful WordPress poll and rating plugins with our readers.

40+ Most Wanted WordPress Tricks and Hacks

Have you ever came across a WordPress blog, saw something you liked, and questions like ‘how they did that‘, ‘is that a plugin or hack?‘, ‘where can I get those cool mods‘ begin to pop? Well, it’s really pretty normal because most of us did the same thing. For this article we’ve spent time with some 14 WordPress bloggers, finding out what kinda hacks and plugins they are really looking for to enhance their blog in any aspect. Here’s our outcome, 40+ most wanted WordPress tips and hacks, including those you don’t even knew the keywords to search for.

20 WordPress Tricks to Improve Your Blog

One of the reasons WordPress is so popular is because of its flexibility. Designers, developers, and bloggers have plenty of options. In this post we’ll look at a combination of tutorials for improving a WordPress-based site, and plugins that can provide added functionality that will bring new possibilities.

35+ Most Essential WordPress Tricks and Hacks

WordPress certainly doesn’t need any kind of introduction amongst bloggers and designers. Today there are hundreds of wordpress blogs around the web. To stand out among these is in itself one of the most difficult task a blogger would find itself in.

13 Great WordPress Speed Tips & Tricks for MAX Performance

Performance is a key factor for any successful website. And since WordPress is becoming more popular than ever, it will only be at its best when raised in the proper conditions. Here are a few things to try if you find that your WordPress site is not performing as well as it could be due to high traffic or hidden issues you don’t know about.

8 Simple WordPress Developers Tips & Tricks To Improve Your Site Significantly

WordPress is a powerful and popular blog medium for most web users. It’s comprehensive yet easy for you to change the appearance of your theme. Not only that, with increasing tons of Plug-Ins and constant enhancement of WordPress version, it can also help you improve the functionality and efficiency of your site.

Crawl Rate Tracker Plugin GraphBir web sitesi olanlar için sitelerinin ne durumda olduğunu merak etmek çok doğal. Son zamanlarda özellikle arama motorları ve arama motorlarının robotlarının (veya örümceklerinin) daha çok yerde çıkması ile bu robotları takip etmek ve ona göre işlemler yapmak çok moda oldu. Özellikle blog sahipleri arasında SEO dediğimiz, Arama Motoru Optimizasyonu çok popüler bir konu. Bunun en büyük sebeplerinden biri de blogların ve özellikle WordPress gibi yayın araçlarını bu konulara çok uygun tasarlanmış olması.
Crawl Rate Tracker PluginArama motoru örümceklerine gelince, bu konu ile ilgili herkes bilir ki, bu küçük otomatik programlar İnternet’te o site senin bu site benim diyerek hiç yorulmadan bir bağlantıdan diğerine her yeri gezerler. Bu gezdikleri sayfaları da arama motorları indesklerler. Bir sayfanın bir örümcek tarafından ne kadar sıklıkla ziyaret edildiği genel olarak o bağlantıya arama motorunun ne kadar önem verdiğini gösterir.
Crawl Rate Tracker Plugin detayEğer bu bot denen robot programcıkların blogunuzu ne kadar sıklıkla ve nerelerini ziyaret ettiklerini görmek istiyorsanız. Crawl Rate Tracker adlı WordPress eklentisini kurarak tek bir adımla güzel bir grafiğe ve ayrıntılı bir rapora sahip olabilirsiniz. Bu tarama oranlarını takip etmek şunun için yararlı, genel olarak bir sayfa bir örümcek tarafından ne kadar sık olarak ziyaret ediliyorsa arama motoru bu sayfaya o kadar güveniyor demektir.
Crawl Rate Tracker şu an için sadece üç büyük arama motoruna ait örümcekleri raporluyor. Google’ın Googlebot’u, MSN Live’ın MSNbot’u ve Yahoo!’nun Slurp’ü bu eklenti ile takip edilen üç örümcek. Eklenti sayesinde hangi örümceğin hangi sayfayı kaç kez ve ne zamanlarda ziyaret ettiğini görebiliyorsunuz.
Buradan indirebilirsiniz.

Eğer blogunuz için WordPress kullanıyorsanız. En son sürüm olan WordPress 2.8.4′e hemen yükseltme yapmanızda büyük fayda var.
Bunun nedeni WordPress 2.8.3′ün (ve muhtemelen daha öncekilerin) büyük bir güvenlik açığı içermesi. Bu güvenlik açığını sömüren herhangi bir saldırgan WordPress ile çalışan blogunuzdaki kullanıcı şifrelerini değiştirebilir. Buna admin şifresi de dahil.
Güvenlik açığı şu şekilde çalışıyor:
Normalde şifre hatırlatma sayfası size bir kullanıcı adı veya e-posta adresi soruyor. Eğer bu geçerli ise de size e-posta ile bir link gönderiyor. Bu sırada şifre değişmiyor. Dolayısı ile de bunu gözardı edip işinize bakabilirsiniz.
Ve fakat kötü niyetli bir kişi adres çubuğuna aşağıdaki satırı yazarak WordPress’i kandırabilir.
Bunun sebebi WordPress’in wp-login.php dosyasındaki bir hatadan kaynaklanıyor. Suçlu 190′ıncı satırda ki bu kod.
if ( empty($key) )
olması gereken ise
if (empty($key)) ||  is_array( $key )
Kısaca şifre değiştiren fonksiyon $key değişkenin geçersiz veya boş olması durumda değişikliğe izin vermiyor ama birisi boş bir array gönderirse durum değişiyor.
Bu satırı değiştirerek bu güvenlik açığını kapatmak mümkün. Ama genede 2.8.4 sürümüne yükseltmenizde fayda var.

Phpanywhere bir çevrimiçi PHP editörü. Bir php editöründen beklenen bir çok özelliğe sahip. Örneğin kod renklendirmesinden kod tamamlamasına kadar çeşitli özelliklere sahip. Bunun dışında bit FTP istemcisine de sahip. Dolayısı ile FTP ile ulaşabildiğiniz tüm dosyalarınızı bu editör ile düzenleyebilirsiniz.
Belki Zend IDE ya da diğer IDE’ler gibi detaylı özelliklere sahip değil ama  herhangi bir Internet gezgininden projenizde değişiklik yapmak için ideal.
İster çok acil yapılması gereken küçük değişiklikler, ister yerel geliştirme olanağı olmayan projeler için son derece ideal ve kullanışlı.
Buradan ulaşabilirsiniz.