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Fantasy Wallpaper – Fantasy is a genre that uses magic and other supernatural forms as a primary element of plot, theme, and/or setting. Many works within the genre take place on fictional planes or planets where magic is common. Fantasy is generally distinguished from science fiction and horror by the expectation that it steers clear of scientific and macabre themes, respectively, though there is a great deal of overlap between the three (which are subgenres of speculative fiction).

The Bridge

The Bridge wallpaper


Castle fantasy wallpaper

Wallpaper by mmebuterfly

Wallpaper  by mmebuterfly

Fortitude Wallpaper

Fortitude Wallpaper

Sailing The Desert

Sailing The Desert

Book of a Wizard

Book of a Wizard

Rebirth of a Black Moth

Rebirth of a Black Moth

The Gate

The Gate wallpaper

Fox Fire

Fox Fire wallpaper

The Darkening

The Darkening wallpaper

wolf season

wolf season




Imprisoned wallpaper


Darkside wallpaper



Flying Whales

Flying Whales

Adamant Citadel

Adamant Citadel


monster.under.the.bed wallpaper

Angelic Solice

Angelic Solice

Heavenly kingdom 2

Heavenly kingdom 2

Virginia alone in the dark

Virginia alone in the dark wallpaper

Music of the Night

Music of the Night wallpaper

LT: Wallpaper

LT: Wallpaper

84 of the best vector wallpapers

Beautiful Wallpaper Design – You got to love these wallpapers. They are colorful but color balanced, bright or dark, simple but efficient, curly, swirly and lovely, they are some fine pieces of art. Some of them might seem simplistic but others can be quite detailed, because the designers tend to show respect to detail. I have to tell you (or remind you) that there are some trends among the vector graphics, you’ll see them yourself and while doing that you’ll have enough of themes like love, evil vs good, minimal monsters, vector rays and vector landscapes. I believe you’ll find in this collection of 84 vector wallpapers at least a few ones for your desktop resolution and visual necessities.

Creative Wallpaper Designs

70+ Super Creative Wallpapers “About Design”

Design! So what exactly is Design? If you’re a designer then obviously you might have asked this question on Interviews. Although there is a very thin line between Art and Design, its an entirely different brush altogether. Here are some Super creative wallpapers trying to define the very basic of design. Some amay sound out of the point and funny nevertheless they are creative and worth downloading for your desktop!

Cool Wallpaper Designs

20 Retro Wallpapers to Spark Inspiration

We thought it was time to take things back a few years, and flip the dial over to the retro side of the gage for a wallpaper showcase that is sure to inspire. We are big fans of the retro stylings that designers craft into their work, and we definitely love adding new wallpapers to our computers to keep the ‘scenery’. Put those two things together, friends, and there is magic in the making.Below we have assembled an amazingly inspirational array of retro wallpapers that are available for download with the click of a button…well, not so much a button, as an image. If you want to grab one of the wonderful wallpapers follow the image through to the site to get your copy of your favorite brilliant new background. Keep that in mind as you browse down through the post.

30 Stunningly Beautiful Wallpapers

However, today I bring you, what are in my opinion the most stunning wallpapers I’ve ever come across. Each of these designs just gives me a passion to design, and so I’m sure they will make a great addition to your desktop.

50 Graffiti Wallpapers for Your Desktops

Today, we are featuring the best 50 graffiti wallpapers that you may download and use as desktop wallpapers. If you do not wish to display ne, then you can always use these artworks as inspiration in making your own graffiti designs in Photoshop and other programs. These are the best graffiti artwork that I have seen so far! Please add your favorites in this collection by providing the link in the comments section. We will try our best to have those included in this post.IMPORTANT: Please do not forget to credit the authors of these artworks if you use them. Most of these wallpapers are free for personal use only. However, it is still highly advisable to check out the terms of use of each artwork with the author or source page before using them. To view and download the high resolution version of these graffiti wallpapers, just click on the link found below each image. Enjoy!

30 Inspiring and Beautiful Widescreen Wallpapers

Web designers are constantly seeking visual inspiration. That’s why many of us frequently change our desktop wallpapers. It’s nice to have an image that is visually stunning to glance at as we are switching between applications or just taking a break from our work. For this post, I’ve taken the time to round up some very inspiring and beautiful wallpapers formatted for your widescreen displays.

31 Beautiful Wallpapers Suitable For Web Developers And Geeks

It is said that only designers have a special affinity with beautiful stuffs but now web developers and geeks are fast becoming more accustomed with them too. There are lot of beautiful and cool wallpapers that have been created by talented designers and most of them could be use to cater for web developer and geeks in particular. Beautiful wallpapers could provide both smoothing and motivational effects on stress up programmers, web developers and geeks. It’s always great to change your wallpapers from time to time.

101 Gorgeous Wallpapers hand-picked around the web

Ok, a new collection.

Today i’m very glad to present 101 gorgeous wallpapers handpicked from a series of cool websites.There is something to suit every taste: nature, 3D, abstract, vintage, mystical, funny, fantasy, ironic…As usual, if you want, I invite you to share some new wallpaper in the comments!

Have a good “new” desktop 😉

25 Mind-Blowing Wallpapers to Change Your Mood

The more beautiful and elegant Desktop wallpapers are, the better they can challenge our imagination and affect our daily mood.In this collection, you’ll find extremely beautiful and high-quality wallpapers that you may also like for your collection. With so many brilliant desktop wallpapers to choose from, your desktop will never be dull or boring again. Enjoy!

40 Inspiring High Quality Typographic Wallpapers

Typography Desktop Wallpapers – I have always enjoyed and admired, how much simple, smart typography can tell and inspire. Simple words can sometimes tell more than amazing digital time-consuming artworks. Basically this wallpaper roundup will enjoy everybody, who likes smart, mostly minimalistic and clean typography. As always I tried to find really high quality wallpapers so almost everybody can use these. One more thing – just through research I found out surprisingly, how rare are really good typography wallpapers, which I would like to include here. Yet technically simple to create, but not easy to create in good, minimalistic and harmonic way.

Typography Desktop Wallpapers

25 Creative Typography Wallpapers for your Desktop

25 Creative Typography Wallpapers.

Don’t you just love type!

Desktop Wallpapers

60+ Conspicuous Typography Wallpapers

An inspirational resource focused on graphic design, typography, grid systems, minimalism and modernism. we offering Conspicuous typography wallpapers for your beautiful typography desktop, you may get idea about graphic designing, inspirational idea, creativity, abstract art and text effects.

50 Stunning Typography Wallpapers For Inspiration

Typography is said to be the backbone of web design, but it’s also considered art all by itself. And, let’s face it, most designers are obsessed with it. No surprise then that in the right hands it can be very powerful. Whether it’s to improve the looks of a website or as a way to express ideas, typography is always there to help you out.To fully embrace its beauty we brought you some amazing wallpapers from the web about design, ideas, emotions, typefaces and typography itself. We hope they’ll serve you both as a vast source of inspiration and a nice decoration on your desktop as well.

43 New Typography Wallpapers For Type Fanatics

Have you been feeling the itch to change your desktop again? Is the itch of the typographic kind? Fret no more my friends, because I have rounded up yet another cool collection of beautiful typographic wallpapers that you can choose from and stare at all day long after you’ve set them up as your desktops. A great mix once again, featuring the evergreen Helvetica [is it the most widely used font really? for typographic wallpapers?] and some amazingly tedious compositions that look as fantastic as they must’ve been hard to make. I like quite a few from this list, especially the Swim Splash one. Which one was your favorite?

70 Exceptional Creative Typography Desktop Wallpapers

We always present quality stuff for you respected visitors and readers, today we have some modern and latest typography wallpapers, we simply presenting beautiful and inspiring to look at I think, typography art to desktop wallpapers seams to be quite common and it gives us a good opportunity to have a source of stunning typography inspiration in a place where we wont forget to look at it.We select some beautiful typography desktop wallpapers most of them will part of your desktop long time because you may never seen this listing before as we struggle to find that amazing roundup with full of creativity and writing art.

35 Graphic Design Wallpapers Featuring Creative Typography

Typography is one of the major elements of every design. As graphic designers, we are required to understand types, how to properly use them to come up with beautiful, harmonious and great-looking designs. In fact there are a number of designers who can make stunning designs by using types alone. As a tribute to typography and designers, we gathered together a total of 35 inspiring typographic wallpapers about graphic design. Aside from excellent visuals, these designs also carry very witty slogans that will surely make you smile. All of these wallpapers are also in high quality resolution and most of them are suited for widescreen monitors. I guess, you do not have to be a graphic designer to appreciate these wallpapers.

30 Sleek Typography Wallpapers for Designers

Ever since I got my new iMac, I have been changing the wallpaper every few days. Today I desired to look for some cool typography desktop wallpapers. I was surprised with how many cool ones I found. Below are 30 of my favorites. Are you using any of these wallpapers right now? Which one is your favorite?

Collection Of Free 3D Desktop Wallpapers.

45 High Quality And Inspiring 3D Desktop Wallpapers

3 Dimensional wallpapers are always been a great source of inspiration and you will always find a great number of fans out there. When an expert puts his experience and creativity in 3D images, these images become a master piece of art and even a very small project by a professional artist can create tons of good feedback from 3D lovers. Mostly different software are being used to create 3D artworks like 3DMax, Maya, Blender, Caligari and Photoshop. If you’re also a 3D lover, we are sure you would like to enjoy some creative and cool 3D Wallpapers.

Free 3D Desktop Wallpapers

50 Inspiring 3D Desktop Wallpapers

Desktop wallpapers suggestions are always welcome since sometimes we don’t have time to browse to find one, so we check on the suggestions available at our favorite websites! We know that we can find tons of great wallpapers online to choose from, but here we selected 50 3D wallpapers to inspire you. Wallpapers can be inspirational, funny, silly, elegant, sexy or even organizational (since we can find calendars, clocks, etc on it).

sexy 3d girl wallpaper

35 Amazing Fantasy Art 3D Wallpapers

We hope everyone need to change and something different for make 3D your desktop we participating with some amazing effort of Fantasy Art and 3D desktop wallpaper,s where you seen some super hero inspirational characters and also abstract art.

Amazing Fantasy Art 3D Wallpapers

35+ Free 3D Wallpapers for your Desktop

3D computer graphics are widely used nowadays – from images to animation. It is much more preferred because of its realistic quality. Creating 3D images are more complex than the usual images. Apart from talent, it requires skill and competence. Ever surfed through the net in search of these images for your screen?… Well,here’s something for you!

Free 3D Wallpapers for your Desktop

40 3D wallpapers to spice your desktop

As you all know its Avatar time going on hope you guys having fun watching avatar. So after watching avatar in 3d i thought why not to collect some 3d wallpapers for my desktop and share with you guys. So guys check out this wallpapers and feel free too add some in comments too.

Dragon Wallpapers Dragons are usually shown in modern times with a body like a huge lizard, or a snake with two pairs of lizard-type legs, and able to emit fire from their mouths. The European dragon has bat-type wings growing from its back. A dragon-like creature with no front legs is known as a wyvern. Following discovery of how pterosaurs walked on the ground, some dragons have been portrayed without front legs and using the wings as front legs pterosaur-fashion when on the ground.

dragon wallpaper

cool dragon wallpaper

Dragon Fury wallpaper

art dragon wallpaper



dream dragon wallpaper

dark fire dragon wallpaper

frost dragon wallpaper

55 Most Beautiful Apple iPhone Wallpapers

iPhone Wallpapers : Free Beautiful Wallpapers – Previously when we did the compilation post on 60 Most Beautiful Apple Wallpapers, we have readers writing in asking why we left the iPhones out and suggested if we can showcase some iPhone related wallpapers. We’ve been collecting since then, and before we say goodbye to iPhone 1.0 and welcome the brand new iPhone 3G, let’s again have this awesome gadget up on our desktop for the last time.

30 Cool iPhone Wallpapers of Famous Musicians

Today I add a new category on Blaberize, the iPhone wallpapers. It will feature the best iPhone and iTouch wallpaper compilation online. And this is my first post on this new category, the best iPhone wallpapers for music lovers

50 iPhone Wallpapers for Design Lovers

A stylish wallpaper need not be confined to your desktop (though some beautiful ones are available), and I wouldn’t want your iPhone to feel left out of the action. For this reason, I’ve been hunting for a collection of 50 gorgeous, stylish and funky iPhone/iPod Touch wallpapers to use with your device. Many are sized for the iPhone in particular, but would work with any mobile device.

99 Amazing iPhone Wallpapers

Its been quite a while isn’t I have done a list post. Todays post is going to be featuring some amazing iPhone and iTouch wallpapers. I currently don’t have an iPhone because I can’t afford one, however I do know good design when I see it. All afternoon I have been searching the web for good designs that work on the small canvas that is the iPhones screen space.

50 amazing iPhone wallpapers

With the iPad recent announcement, we should for sure soon see some cool iPad wallpapers appear. For now, many of you still own an iPhone and will probably want to make it look a little better and more customized. Displaying one of these fine looking iPhone wallpapers created by talented artists, for other format just take a look at my desktop wallpapers article.

45 free beautiful iPhone wallpapers

40 Most Impressive Abstract 3D Wallpapers

Amazing 3D Wallpaper – We all know how cool 3D images can be when they are created by professionals, even a small and unimportant thing can create tons of good feedback from 3d fans. If you are into 3d modeling, then you would love to have some inspirational stuff around you.I’ve collected for you some of the best 3D wallpapers around, and I’m pretty sure that you will like them too.

Impressive Abstract 3D Wallpapers

35 Amazing Fantasy Art 3D Wallpapers

We hope everyone need to change and something different for make 3D your desktop we participating with some amazing effort of Fantasy Art and 3D desktop wallpaper,s where you seen some super hero inspirational characters and also abstract art.

Amazing Fantasy Art 3D Wallpapers

50 Inspiring 3D Desktop Wallpapers

Desktop wallpapers suggestions are always welcome since sometimes we don’t have time to browse to find one, so we check on the suggestions available at our favorite websites! We know that we can find tons of great wallpapers online to choose from, but here we selected 50 3D wallpapers to inspire you. Wallpapers can be inspirational, funny, silly, elegant, sexy or even organizational (since we can find calendars, clocks, etc on it).

Inspiring 3D Desktop Wallpapers

25 Awesome 3D Glass Wallpapers

We keep posted our readers with fantastic design resources. This time we present collection of 25 3D Glass Effect Wallpapers, which can be used as Desktop wallpapers. These high resolution wallpapers contain beautiful 3D objects like fruits, hearts, lollypops and more, redered in excellent glassy effects. All wallpapers are zipped in one archive file and available for download freely at the end of this article.

Awesome 3D Glass Wallpapers

40 Colorful 3D Glass Wallpapers

3D glasses object is a transparent glass object usually only have one color. 3D glasses object has been used by most people around the world as accessories to be placed especially at home. These objects produce beautiful color when there is light around them. They are very beautiful.

Colorful 3D Glass Wallpapers