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30+ Incredibly Beautiful Custom Designer Toys

Cool Toy Designs – Only talented designers have the ability to create incredibly detailed works of art to represent the heart and soul of their creativity. Today i wanted to showcase something different and unrelated to web design, may be that’s because i am in a good mood for the holidays. So today i wanted to showcase some of the best Custom Vinyl toys to highlight designer’s creativity in using both design and color.

cool toy design

Amazing Toy Art: Munny

It’s been some time now that I’m developing a big crush on Toy Art. Another day I caught myself stealing some. No, just kidding… I caught myself in a store taking a look at many toy art books… drooling all lover the place.

awesome toy design

50+ Beautiful Colorful and Funny Toy Design Collection

Most young mammals have been observed to play with whatever they can find, turning such things as pinecones, rocks, and food into toys. Toys and games have been unearthed from the sites of ancient civilizations. They have been written about in some of our oldest literature. Toys excavated from the Indus valley civilization (3000-1500 BCE) include small carts, whistles shaped like birds, and toy monkeys which could slide down a string.

Colorful and Funny Toy Design Collection

Mega Roundup of 60 Cool Custom Designer Toys

Designer toys are a common love between many graphic designer and illustrators, as well as the collectable limited edition runs from producers such as Qee and Kidrobot there are many great examples of customised urban vinyl toys. Here’s a collection of 60 fantastic examples of how designers have added their personal mark to their own custom toy!

100 Exceptional Free Paper Models and Toys

It is about stunningly good looking three dimensional paper models: Gadgets, toys, characters, cars, robots, spaceships, airplanes, buildings and even working photo cameras. You name it.

Exceptional Free Paper Models and Toys

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