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In this 3ds Max tutorial Korosh Ghanbarzadeh explains the Pelt Mapping function, which is a perfect tool for creating UVs for objects.

UVs are the key to taking full advantage of 3D software. In fact, you can’t do much without a good UV set. Many Important functions such as Displacement concept and Texturing are directly depended on an object’s UVW mapping. So I’ve decided to show you how to create qualified UVs inside 3ds Max.

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This part covers hit animation, ground preaparation and camera animation. It also shows some fine tuning.

Biped Animation Tutorial PART 3 from Lukasz Kubinski on Vimeo.

Learning the 3d Studio Max basic modelling, create the web camera. It’s easy to learn for 3d studio max beginner users.

Step 1

Lets go to TOP VIEW and create two circles. You can see the radius I used. Make the center in 0,0 coordinates like on the picture. You need to Copy and Paste (CTRL+C, CTRL+V) the bigger circle. You can hide it.

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The second part of the greate tutorial from Lukasz Kubinski show us how to animate biped jump you’ll enjoy with this tutorial .

Biped jump animation videotutorial part 2 from Lukasz Kubinski on Vimeo

Part 1

The author of this video is Luke KUBIŃSKI,

I’ ve found this video on from Lukasz Kubinski he show us how to
animate ” Bipede Jump ” .created a nearly 2-hour video tutorial consisting of three parts.
In this video he use the polish language however you can understand it.

The first part shows the basic animation of biped running.

ANIMATION TUTORIAL PART1 from Lukasz Kubinski on Vimeo.

Part 2

The author of this video is Luke KUBIŃSKI,

Welcome to ‘HDR Images in a Production Pipeline’
This tutorial focuses on the use of HDR images in a production pipeline, including color theory, bit depths, and file formats. Learn how to create HDR images from real-world photographs and discover the advantages to rendering to HDR formats from within 3D applications such as Autodesk 3ds Max software. The class covers the Material Editor, the mental ray rendering engine, exterior lighting, and the EXR/RPF file formats.

About the Presenter
Gary Davis specializes in the integration of 3D and compositing applications, training and consulting for 16 years with his company, visualZ, LLC, [] in Orlando, Florida. Davis received a BFA in computer animation and has been heavily involved in computer animation and simulation for the fields of visual effects, design visualization, and real-time content creation. His production client list includes ABC, MTV, Twentieth Century Fox, SCI FI Channel, Disney, Universal, and Lockheed. Davis is a worldwide certified training specialist for three key Autodesk applications: Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Combustion, and Autodesk Toxik software. He regularly acts as instructor at and at Orlando’s Planet Digital training center; he also teaches independently. He has written for industry publications such as Create Magazine and is the author of The Easy Guide to Combustion.


* Introduction
* Color Space & Bit Depth
* Creating HDR Images from Photographs
* Using HDR Images in 3ds Max
* Exporting HDR Files from 3ds Max

Skill Level: Intermediate
Format: e-DVD [approx. 92 minutes]
Date Published: June 2008


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