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40 Striking Free Mac Screensavers for OS X

We arrange a list of Free MAC Screensavers everyone find creative and smooth for our screen, it’s not really difficult to find free apps out of the net. Listed screensaver can help you relax your mind and suppose to reduce damage to your display screen, so we get some really beautiful screensavers.

25 Really Cool ScreenSavers To Download

Today screensaver is used to liven up the computer with displaying a funny image or animation or useful information instead of preventing screen burn. It is also an outlet for the work of creative computer users and used for entertainment or security with customized configuration when the computer is idle.

27 free eye-candy and hypnotic screensavers for mac and windows

You know that if you have an LCD you don’t need a screensaver and you can even reduce the lifetime of the display (according to wikipedia) but sometimes a nice and minimalist screensaver is difficult to refuse.In any case below you have a collection of the best 27 free eye-candy screensaver you can use in your mac or pc.

Beautiful Falling Snow Screensaver for Mac OS X

SnowFall is delightfully simple but absolutely beautiful with it’s 3d rotating snow flakes, you can customize the screen saver in regards to how many snowflakes are falling, how fast they are going, the background color, the background image, and whether you want stripes or no stripes on the background. Here are some screenshots showing the customization and diversity of the screensaver, but I assure you screenshots do this screen saver absolutely no justice, you just need to install it yourself to see how beautiful it really is.

34 Stunning & Free Mac Screensavers for OS X

Everyone loves a good screensaver – they can relax, mesmerize, entertain, and (supposedly) prevent damage to your monitor. The default collection which ship with Leopard are excellent, but you needn’t limit yourself to looking at those wonderful beach photos every day.We’ve scoured the internet to find 34 stunning screensavers for OS X, each with something unique to offer. There’s something for everyone – from calm and serene, to abstract and wacky. Dive in and have fun picking out a new screensaver!