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20 Japanese Robots Probably Intent on Murdering You

Japanese Robots – The CB2 was back in the news this week, a year or so after he first made headlines for looking like an infant crossed with a colostomy bag. Clicking through the news, I was glad to see that he hadn’t made any further progress in not looking terrifying, and none of the scientists working on him appeared to have any skin missing. Everything must be completely safe, right?

12 Amazing Japanese Robots

Advancements in robotics are being made at a rapid pace. From machines that carry out tedious domestic tasks to highly specialized devices, we’ve gathered a selection of innovative robots from Japan.

5 Strange Japanese Robots

We have all seen strange combination products in the past but I would have never thought I would ever see a robot that will clean your floor then play your favorite DVD movie. If you have $85,000 dollars to spare this robot could be yours.

Asef robot isimli şarkısına 2010 yılında çektiği hareketli video klibiyle bu videoyla sizlerle buluşuyor. 2010 un en yeni video kliplerinden robot ismi ve klibiye ilgi çekeğe benziyor.

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