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50 Inspirational Quotes on the Art & Science of Design

Simple quotes can hold timeless and moving lessons. As designers, we’re lucky to have an exceptional pool of people who have spearheaded the industry over the years, crafting clever insights based on years of experience. Other contributors to this list aren’t designers at all, but have given an outsider’s fascinating insight into the world of design.

80+ Inspiring Quotes about Design

We recieve quote messages everyday and we even have our favorites to keep us up and going. Here’s a collection of inspirational quotes from designers and even from people outside it giving their personal understanding on Design.

20 Inspirational Typographic Quotes

Some of the best advice in the world is spread via quotes. For example: when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. There’s a lot of wisdom in this simple sentence. A lot of designers use these kind of quotes as a source of inspiration. These quotes become even better when you illustrate them in the form of typography. Here are 20 inspirational typographic quotes for your inspiration!