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Amazing Photo Manipulation Art To Blow Your Mind Away

Photo Manipulation – Designers are always found new ways to show their creativity in new techniques and trends. Photo manipulation is an art that requires a lot of efforts and professionalism. Those designer converted its ideas and remarks on their photo manipulation art.

Photo Manipulation Art To Blow Your Mind Away

40 Extremely Weird Animal Photo Manipulations

Photo manipulation is an art that could be done under advanced portrait retouching. This is actually one of the advanced photo editing strategies that is the oldest in the book and could be done either by beginners or professionals. A combined effort between photography and graphic design that is undergoing continuous evolution, photo manipulation is what others call photo art and provides some kind of illusion to a photo. There are different kinds of photo manipulation, and these include digital editing and the use of prints, negatives, or transparencies that are made digital through feeding them into a scanner. Image warping is just one of the things done during photo manipulation as well as the addition of some other special effects. This post features a collection of artistic manipulated images. Hope these photos will make smile on your face!

Extremely Weird Animal Photo Manipulations

25 Best Freaky Human Photo Manipulation

Photo manipulation is the application of image editing techniques to photographs in order to create an illusion or deception through analog or digital means.Photo manipulation is mainly designed in Adobe Photoshop.Here are some of the 25 Best Freaky Human Photo Manipulation on the net.

Best Freaky Human Photo Manipulation

A Showcase Of Human Photo Manipulations In Advertisements

Everyday you are confronted with hundreds of advertisements. You’ll find them on TV, in magazines, on billboards… But you probably don’t remember every ad you’ve ever seen. That’s why it’s important for advertising agencies to create unique, creative ads. In this article you’ll find some of the best print ads. Al of these ads tried to sell their product or service via a human photo manipulation.

Showcase Of Human Photo Manipulations In Advertisements

21 Beer inspired photo manipulation and ads to quench your thirst

Spending more than eight hours in front of your monitor doing your design related and coding related job could be so exhausting or promoting your latest post, exchanging ideas with designer friends online or by simple burning your eyes with a good movie that you have just downloaded and anything that causes your food passage to get dry and how you loved to have something to extinguish that thirsty feelings.

Beer inspired photo manipulation and ads to quench your thirst

40 Masterful Examples of Photo Manipulation

Here is another round of inspiring photo manipulations. These images showcase some amazing technical skill and creativity. Why not give it a shot yourself and share your work in our TPA community portfolio.

Masterful Examples of Photo Manipulation

30+ Energizing Examples of People Photo Manipulation

Photo manipulation is the application of image editing techniques to photographs in order to create an illusion or deception. Photo manipulation is probably one of the most popular application areas in which Adobe Photoshop is used extensively. One of the main reasons for that is its ability to blend real photos with vibrant colors and digital painting to emphasize some beautiful details which makes this software ideal for this kind of work. This presentation shows an amazing collection of photo manipulation art based on people. It can serve as an excellent source of inspiration.

Energizing Examples of People Photo Manipulation

2010 World Cup – The Ultimate Graphic and Data Resources Guide

The World Cup is coming!! One of the world’s biggest sports events, matched only by the Olympics, promises to deliver a whole month of fun for all soccer fans.Being so important, it’s pretty natural you’ll find a lot of articles, comments, blog posts and, of course, data-visualization goodies on this matter. Infographics, editorial illustrations, interactive charts and maps, all of them deliver fun and interesting way of understanding and following this great event, so, today I leave you here with a (too long?) round-up of those awesome resources – and may the best team win!

FIFA World Cup Design: Posters, Logos and Mascots 1930 – 2010

The 2010 FIFA World Cup will be the 19th FIFA World Cup, the premier international football tournament. It is scheduled to take place between 11 June and 11 July 2010 in South Africa. This will be the first time that the tournament has been hosted by an African nation.As hopes, dreams and excitement are growing and all eagerly awaiting the beginning of the contest and the first goal, I want to present you the official posters, logos and mascots from all World Cup’s so far. It’s interesting to see how their design changes over time.

FIFA World Cup 2010 Wallpapers, Icons, and Fan art

Now that the World Cup is only one day away, I wanted to make this post about FIFA World Cup 2010 Wallpapers, Icons, and Fan art. The world cup is a really important part of soccer because it brings people together to enjoy the game and drink beer. But also, the world cup brings out a lot of creative designers to showcase their enthusiasm for the game. I’m going to keep this post short, but enjoy the game and the time you will spend with family and friends. Thank you for reading.

Logo Design: World Cup 2010

The Logo Design series is up and running! We’re thinking ahead and we want to find new ways to sort these listings. Since the World Cup 2010 is really close now, we thought it would be a good idea to show you guys each National Team’s shield. So, today it’s all about it.

World Cup 2010 Posters Inspired by African Pattern Heritage and Contemporary Football

There are now only eight weeks left until the kick-off of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. This is the first time the greatest sporting event in the world is being held on the African continent, and promises to be an exciting exploration, of not only football, but of African culture, heritage and art.As a celebration of this event, visual designer Charis Tsevis has designed, as a personal experiment, a series of posters that have been greatly inspired by the great African pattern heritage and contemporary football culture. They are his personal journey exploring Africa’s history and tradition, and have given him nothing but great pleasure and an endless lesson.

iPhone 4: The Definitive Guide

We already showed you the new iPhone from every angle, inside and out. Today, Steve Jobs re-revealed it, telling us about the remaining details. Here’s the exhaustive guide to all the features of the new iPhone 4.

iPhone 4 The Definitive Guide

Everything you need to know about the iPhone 4

As expected, the iPhone 4 was announced today during Steve Jobs’ keynote at WWDC. Its flagship features are, of course, the extremely high resolution screen, video chat capability with FaceTime, and the sexy new form factor. But there’s more to the 4 than that, and even those seemingly self-explanatory new features deserve a closer look. Let’s see just what Apple’s done here with its biggest update to the iPhone since the original.

iPhone 4

iPhone 4 and its tough design

Yesterday was a day for the apple fans out there, Steve finally announced or should I say re-announce the successor of their mobile phone, the iPhone 4.Many of the features and design of the new iPhone 4 has been already made available from the internet for the past two months due to the leakage. But still apple surprise the public when the iPhone 4 is officially announced during the WWDC 2010.One feature that I loved and been wanting since the day I handed a 3GS to my wife is the multitasking feature, now I thinks this is the time to get myself one. Another thing is that, the overall design of the iPhone 4 is tougher and stronger compared to the 3GS.

iPhone 4 and its tough design

A Look at iPhone 4`s Camera Quality

One of the major enhancements included in iPhone 4 is a new camera system, integrating a 5-megapixel rear-facing camera including LED flash with a VGA-quality front-facing camera. While the rear-facing camera fails to match the resolution of other smartphones moving to 8 or even 12 megapixels, Steve Jobs was careful to mention during the iPhone’s introduction that image quality also depends in large part on other factors, and the iPhone’s backside-illuminated camera sensor with large pixel sizes allows it to deliver excellent image quality under normal and low-light situations.

Look at iPhone 4s Camera Quality

The iPhone 4 features roundup

We’ve all been waiting to hear about the newest iPhone. There was much talk of the name, and here we go: the iPhone 4.The new features abound on the iPhone 4. Here’s what we know

The iPhone 4 features roundup

Ultimate Roundup Of Photoshop Web Layouts Tutorials

Photoshop is an excellent tool for creating attractive and professional website designs. In this collection, you’ll find 60 Very Detailed Tutorials on Creating High Quality Web Layouts Using Photoshop. These website design tutorials would help you to improve your photoshop skills and techniques.

From PSD to XHTML: How cut a layout with Photoshop?

As you can see, the image is divided into several panes, some of which have a small icon in the upper left: these boxes represent the different sections in which the layout has been divided. The pages with the colored icon in blue are those created by the user, which are complemented with other gray icon called “auto slices” in practice Photoshop creates portions to fill all the space not covered by sections of the user, so can always export the complete layout.

How cut a layout with Photoshop

35 Fresh and Excellent Photoshop Tutorials from 2010

Today we present 35 Latest Photoshop Tutorials from this year, which will showcase you techniques used for text effects, lightning effect, photo manipulation, web design and some general tips. All tutorials are quite innovative and modernistic and will help you learn fantastic ways to improve your skills and amplify your artistic know-how. However, these tutorials are just for brushing up your skills. Your ultimate aim should be developing your own style.

100+ Must Check Tutorials for Creating a Logo in Photoshop

Photoshop is nowadays a must have application for every PC. Photoshop can help you build any type of Typography or digital piece of art. In todays post I’ve focused my attention on creating logo designs for your company or website. It is a pretty simple thing to do and actually it can be realized in a short amount of time. All you need to do actually is to know some few basics in Photoshop designing.

Create an Awesome Number-Based Illustration

Combining the power of some of Photoshop’s most basic tools can yield awesome results. The power of the pen tool, when mastered, can allow a designer to create nearly anything in their creative vision.In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to combine the power of the pen tool with some patterns and shapes to create an awesome illustration. Designer Bram Vanhaeren will walk you through his technique for working at print quality, using various compositional techniques to achieve a creative result. You’ll also learn some great tips for workflow, along with learning a variety of skills that you can apply in your own design works.

Create a gorgeous wordpress theme – WP theme availble

In this tutorial i will show you step by step how to design a WordPress Theme from scratch. If you don’t know already we have a membership here on which allows you to download all our existing resources, plus the one we will release in the next year.

Aqueous Sun Presents Rust v.01 – 28 Free Textures

Aqueous Sun brings yet another awesome texture pack to us available exclusively for Media Militia. It includes 28 free high resolution textures of the rust. You might have a ton of other rust images but the ones in this pack are huge! They are all around 4288px x 2848px (300ppi) and look stunningly crisp. Enjoy.

Aqueous Sun Presents Rust

35 Handwritten Fonts for Designers

So many fonts… So many choices… Here, we bring you another set of cool fonts you would surely fell in love with. These unique fonts will surely look good with your unique designs… Browse through the entire list and get ready to download the ones you like…These 35 Handwritten Fonts for Designers has been selected thoroughly and is assured of 100% good quality. Get ready and enjoy!!!

Handwritten Fonts

50+ Really Useful Free Professional Icon Sets

Here you will find more than 50 high quality icon sets for the designers. You can download any icon free of cost without having to pay for it. All the icon sets are in different categories. Download as much as you desire. If you appreciate and like this post so please do not forget to leave your valuable comment.Thanks.

Professional Icon Sets

4 Awesome Fresh Font Collections

Limiting your design range to reusing the same font on project after project doesn’t go for making a decent body of work. It is essential that all designers have a good library of fonts that they can rely upon. Unfortunately, a lot of the best fonts are pretty expensive for freelance designers, and as such we have listed below the best and freshest font collections that we could find to help you out.

Fresh Font Collections

50 Collection of Bitmap and Pixel Fonts

A bitmap is a type of graphic composed of pixels (picture element) in a grid. In many designs today, bitmap graphics is also used in various images and creative artworks. In this post, bitmap is used in such a way that more designers will be able to use them. The following is a collection of 50 Bitmap and Pixel Fonts that you surely wouldn’t want to miss!!!Grab your mouse and get ready to download the fonts of your choice and start using them to your designs, now… Have fun!!

Bitmap and Pixel Fonts

Showcase of 55 Inspiring Typography Designs

Design News – Creative use of typography in design has become a very popular trend among creative artists. This is a collection of 55 of the latest and greatest pieces of type design on the web.

Inspiring Typography Designs

30 Fresh And Beautiful 3D Typography Designs

3D typography is a very popular design trend which is rapidly appearing all over the web, as well as being a very popular design trend it’s also very inspirational. Here we have collected 30 Beautiful 3D Typography Deisgns , I found these design realy inspiring, hope you will be inspired.

 Beautiful 3D Typography Designs

80 Ultimate Examples of Experimental Typography

Typography has become one of the most experimental digital art-forms. There is a huge amount that can be done with type, including complex lighting, different textures/mediums to construct surfaces, and manipulation of letters/shapes. The following 80 examples show just how much can be done with type. Each work of art manipulates the medium to it’s limits, constructing some truly beautiful work!

Ultimate Examples of Experimental Typography

35 Beautiful Human Portrait Typography Art Designs

Typography is the art and technique of using and arranging letters, type design, and modifying type glyphs. Type glyphs are created and modified using a variety of illustration techniques. There are many different branches of typography. One of them is the form of portrait making or text art. With the modern tools and software that are readily available such as Photoshop and Illustrator, creative typography has become a great design trend.

Beautiful Human Portrait Typography Art Designs

60 Amazing Typography-Based Posters

Designing a typography-based poster that actually works is not an easy task. With the spotlight turned towards the typeface itself, many different variables from placement to color to the chosen font all have to work together. Not everyone can pull it off, but when a designer is skilled in this type of work the results can be quite beautiful.

Amazing Typography-Based Posters

Built to kill – 40 breathtaking closeup photographs of animals

Wildlife photography is regarded as being one of the most challenging forms of photography. It involves a thorough understanding of the behavior of animals and in addition to it, one needs to have sound technical skills, such as being able to expose in the right manner. Its all about being in the right place at the right time.Surprisingly enough, photographing some species may require stalking skills or the use of a camouflage as well. Whilst wildlife photographs can be taken using basic equipment, successful photography of some types of wildlife requires specialist equipment, such as macro lenses for insects, long focal length lenses for birds and underwater cameras for marine life. However, since the advent of digital cameras and the never ending quest for adventures, this practice has evolved into totally new heights.

Built to kill - green python

50 Beautiful Underwater Photos

Underwater imaging is considered an especially challenging area of photography, since it requires very specialized equipment and techniques to be successful. Despite these challenges, it offers the possibility of many exciting and rare photographic opportunities. Animals such as fish and marine mammals are the most common subjects, but photographers also pursue shipwrecks, submerged cave systems, underwater “landscapes”, and portraits of fellow divers. In this post I’m presenting the 50 beautiful underwater photos.

Beautiful Underwater Photos

The Beauty of Lightning Photography: A Bolt From The Blue

Scientifically speaking, lightning is an abrupt electric discharge from cloud to cloud or from cloud to earth accompanied by the emission of light. But for photographers it is a beautiful creation from Mother Nature. Lightning occurs during a storm resulting from strong rising air currents; heavy rain or hail along with thunder and sometimes during volcanic eruptions or dust storms. Mother Nature pigments an galvanic blue sky with a steep contrast of lightning.

Beauty of Lightning Photography

30 Breathtaking Examples of Bokeh Photography

The term Bokeh comes from a Japanese word that means “blur”. In photography, it’s used to describe the blur or the quality of the blur in the out-of-focus regions of an image. This can be achieved by taking pictures with a shallow depth-of-field. Bokeh is most noticed when points of light or highlights are part of the blur. They can become prominent and, even though out of focus, very important parts of a shot. For your inspiration, we’ve rounded up 30 breathtaking examples of bokeh photography.

Examples of Bokeh Photography

35+ Smashing Liquid High Speed Photography

The High speed photography is one of the photography types that requires taking pictures of a fast moving scene or environment.Before continuing reading this post did you already join our Twitter and subscribe to our RSS feed? If not, rush and join us now to receive updates of new posts and free resources.The difinition of the high speed photography has two different meanings. The first means taking the photo to appear like a freezed shot for the motion. However, it requires high sensitivity sensor and camera shutter.The second meaning refers to the ability to take shots for a motion as sequenced images. In this collection, we will concern about the first meaning and how to use this technique to take inspired shots for liquid motion effects.

Liquid High Speed Photography

30 Vibrant and Colorful Website Designs

Deciding on a color scheme can often be one of the most difficult parts of the web design process. There are a lot of different approaches that you can take with a color scheme, and in this post we’ll be showcasing 30 sites that feature vibrant color schemes.

Vibrant and Colorful Website Designs

60 Excellent Examples of Illustration in Web Design

The great thing about web design is that we have an enormous range of styles, techniques and ideas to implement when designing. You can go from Super Clean and Minimal Layouts to Colorful Layouts, and you can use Huge Typography or Hand Drawn elements – as long as you keep your style and give your website your own personality. As illustration is somewhere in between those options and is something that can be used to give your website a very unique touch, we decided to gather 60 excellent examples of illustration in web design. There should be plenty here to inspire you.

Excellent Examples of Illustration in Web Design

20 Amazing Examples of Nature Illustrations in Footer Design

Footer is important element in a web page but often underestimated from designers. It is placed at the bottom of the page and, from the beginning, it is used to contain little navigation and informational data as copyright, licenses, developer’s name, etc.Footer can be used also to contain more additional information that can could be very useful for the user. For example, in a blog the footer can be used in order to list most viewed or last posts, last comments, blog-roll, etc.This post showcases 20 creative footers created using amazing nature illustrations.

Amazing Examples of Nature Illustrations in Footer Design

30+ sites of cakes, chocolats and desserts for a sweet web design

Since on Your Inspiration Web applies the theory that if one thing is very useful to us authors can probably also be good for our readers, let me share with you the “soft” considerations and give you some ‘inspiration.Soon I will start working on the layout in a coffee shop and as it is an area where I have not had the opportunity to try, it seemed right to try a little information network. Graphical resource, trends, images, ideas.

sites of cakes, chocolats and desserts for a sweet web design

Beautiful and Useful 404 Error Pages for Inspiration

Errors don’t need to be ugly. On the Web, any links that are broken result in a 404 Not Found error message. There are two ways you can address this issue when your user navigates towards a broken link.Option 1: Present the user with an old and boring default error page, which displays no information other than “There’s an error.”Option 2: The second solution is to present them with a custom error page design that can suggest alternative things they can see or do in order to resolve their problem.Which one do you think is better? Obviously, the second option.

Beautiful and Useful 404 Error Pages for Inspiration

49 Fascinating E-Commerce Websites for your Inspiration

E-commerce has always been part of the vast world of Internet. E-commerce emerged as a new way to shop. It made it so that people could shop online and buy items without going to the store. Online shopping has rapidly gained popularity and the revenues by shopping online has increased drastically over the decade.As the online community gets bigger and evolves, e-commerce websites also need to evolve their design and make it comply with the current design trends. It has been essential for e-commerce websites to be clean, beautiful and simple.

Fascinating E-Commerce Websites for your Inspiration

Revealing the Details of the Redesign

About a couple of months back, I redesigned my blog. The whole process took many hours to finish. Well, two weeks ago, I thought it was about time to apply that same redesign process to my personal portfolio, which had become a little outdated and neglected. I don’t know about you, but when I get a project that I want to finish, I sometimes go a little overboard with it. As I’m writing this right now, I can barely keep my eyes open and it is only 7pm (I slept at 6am and went to work at 9am). Over the past two weeks, I’ve been working on nothing but this portfolio redesign. In this blog post, I’d like to go over some of the details of the new design as well as share a little bit of the thinking and process that went behind the making of this portfolio.

tips redesign web site

Creative Footer Design: 60+ Excellent Examples

A perfect layout, A Good Design and Nice resource can produce a creative output. Layout, textures and patterns are used more often than one may think but the outcome of different combination can result verity of designs.One of the interesting trend which I noticed recently is using a attractive footer to provide a perfect ending to your website’s presentation. Modern age designers love to experiment with things and observe how people interact with their work. Even though this is not a common trend to follow but still as the new design styles come up, and as more and more designers notice them and make use of them in their work, this kind of new trends emerge.

beautiful footer website

20 Free Font Websites Everyone Should Visit

Why pay for a font when you can get an equivalent one for free? Designers occasionally offer their wares for public use, all you have to do is find a font to match your need – and there’s no shortage of them!Here is a collection of the best font repositories where you can find a font for nearly every need under the sun.

20 free fonts

40 Various Examples of Round Edge Business Cards

Business card serves as a connection for your clients to your business. And for this to connection to be effective, your card must be differing from the others. Round corner business cards can give you this uniqueness without spending as much. Depending on how you design it, it can enhance your business card and make it efficient for your business.For our next collection, we will be showcasing 40 Various Examples of Round Corner Business Cards. We have collected different kinds of round corner business cards that have been designed by different designers around the globe. Take a peek and we sure hope these will inspire you for your upcoming business cards.

Round Edge Business Cards

30 Jaw Dropping Poster Designs You Can’t Miss

Posters are designed to be both eye-catching and convey information. They are a frequent tool of advertisers (particularly of events, musicians and films), propagandists, protestors and other groups trying to communicate a message. Typically posters include both textual and graphic elements, although a poster may be either wholly graphical or wholly text.

This post showcases 30 outstandingly creative and inspiring posters from designers all over the globe.

Poster Designs You Can’t Miss

Inspiration: Creative Images and Visual Experiments

Like many other designers, are often looking for graphics and pictures to inspire and make my creative projects: a particular test, an original effect of a gallery for photos, designs and colors for customers outside the box eccentric … anything, provided it is able to hit immediately and visually effective.In the time I picked up several “visual experiments” created by designer / photographer / whatever on duty, some because they were able to intrigue me, because others have inspired me for some work. However, regardless of how I (or I) made, each of these projects I have been very stimulating for the imagination and at the same time, reminded me that art is above all want to get involved and originality (and maybe a little dose of madness, why not).

Creative Images and Visual Experiments

60 Creative Laptop Skins

Laptop Skins are gaining in popularity as the give our laptops a unique feel and help protect our laptops from damages. There are a lot of sites and companies out there selling laptop skins. You can find them in all shapes, sizes, patterns and designs. In this post, we will look at 60 slick laptop skins which are well designed, and super inspirational.

60 Creative Laptop Skins