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Top 20+ MySQL Best Practices

Database operations often tend to be the main bottleneck for most web applications today. It’s not only the DBA’s (database administrators) that have to worry about these performance issues. We as programmers need to do our part by structuring tables properly, writing optimized queries and better code. Here are some MySQL optimization techniques for programmers.

9 Tips For Working with MySQL Databases

MySQL is one of the most popular relational database management systems (RDBMS) around, with over 6 million installations.

10 Tips for Optimizing MySQL Queries (That don’t suck)

Justin Silverton at Jaslabs has a supposed list of 10 tips for optimizing MySQL queries. I couldn’t read this and let it stand because this list is really, really bad. Some guy named Mike noted this, too.

10 MySQL Tools that Streamline Your Development Process

10 MySQL Tools that Streamline Your Development ProcessWith the help of various well-designed tools administering your MySQL databases becomes a task that’s much easier to do then if you were to execute them through conventional methods. Developers need to always be on the look-out for tools that will shorten and ease their time spent on

10 great articles for optimizing MySQL queries

Optimization is a complex task because ultimately it requires understanding of the entire system to be optimized. Although it may be possible to perform some local optimizations with little knowledge of your system or application, the more optimal you want your system to become, the more you must know about it.