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I just recently was trying to get some nice renderings with just the outlines of a model, and thought this would be a good topic to post. The nice thing about this method is it works regardless of if you are using scanline, mr, or vray. The magic shader for this trick is the “Ink ‘n Paint” shader.

When you apply this material with the default settings you will notice some things. The default color is blue, and the ink width is very thick. Here are some of my renderings with various settings ( I plugged the “Ink ‘n Paint” shader into the material override in mr settings):

Default settings with white paint color instead of blue

Ink Width changed to 0.5

Ink Width variable from 0.3 to 1.0 with a falloff map controlling
the change with a distance blend (25′ near to 100′ far)

This is useful for compositing these lines onto a final render to get a nice architectural rendering look. Then you can play with the diffuse passes colors to get some interesting effects. Enjoy!