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Colorful Stickers Part 6 Icons | DryIcons

Free Icon Sets – “Colorful Stickers part 6”, the new addition of the popular “Colorful Stickers” series, is finally available. We’ve listened the needs of the many, and composed the set as a compilation of user requested icons.The icons are available in these sizes: 16x16px, 24x24px, 32x32px, 48x48px, 64x64px, 128x128px and 256x256px in 32-bit transparency PNG file format. The icons also come in ICO and ICNS file formats in 128x128px size.

Colorful Stickers Part 6 Icons

A Huge Collection of Free Twitter Icons | Youthedesigner

Your Twitter account may be a powerful medium to interact with your audience, but you’re missing out if your site visitors keep ignoring your Twitter icon! Make sure you’re getting all the followers you should by getting a Twitter icon that’s creative, original, and delightful. You’re spoiled for choice in this Huge Collection of Free Twitter Icons, so get your favorite and win new followers through the impact of your new icon’s design!

A Huge Collection of Free Twitter Icons

Freebie: Cute Twitter Bird Icon Set | instantshift

These icons delivered as PNGs in 4 different sizes: 64×64, 128×128, 256×256 and 512×512. Designed by a young talented designer Asher Abbasi from Pakistan exclusively for readers only.

Freebie: Cute Twitter Bird Icon Set | instantshift

Freebie : 3D Ball – Social Media Icon Set | iBrandStudio

In this freebie, you will find 15 high quality social media icons, in 4 size (256 – 128 – 64 – 32) with PNG and ico format. This set is perfect for webdesigners and bloggers.

You can freely use the set for both your private and commercial projects, under one condition – put a back link to

Freebie : 3D Ball – Social Media Icon Set

Designer Icons – Professionally Hand-Crafted Free Icon Set | Tutorial9

This Free Icon Pack is for use in your personal and commercial projects, and can be used without attribution. It may not be redistributed.

12 Professionally Hand-Crafted icons for designers and creatives. Each Icon is 32×32px with a transparent background.

You won’t find many free designer icons like this anywhere else. This set of icons was professionally crafted by professional icon artist, Parthiban Mohanraj. This set has all the values of stock icons, but we’re making it available for free here on Tutorial9.

Professionally Hand-Crafted Free Icon Set

99 Icon Sets To Use In Commercial Design Projects | Creativenerds

Today’s blog post we have decided to do a massive collection of 99 icon sets which can each be used within commercial design projects. This compilation was put together simply because of the lack of free icon sets which are available to be used in commercial design projects, what’s the point creating an icon set if its not free to use ?

99 Icon Sets To Use In Commercial Design Projects

Exclusive Freebie Pack – Eloquence! Icon Set | psd.tutsplus

This pack includes seventy-five 32 x 32 pixel icons in PNG format that you can use for personal and professional projects. See the download file for more information regarding licensing. Below is an example of the icons included in this pack.

Exclusive Freebie Pack – Eloquence

15 Must-Have Minimalist Icon Sets | webdesignledger

A few months ago we posted a collection of icon sets for minimal style web design. It was quite the challenge finding high-quality icons of this style, but I was able to find some gems and the effort was greatly appreciated by our readers. Since several months have passed, I decided to scour the internet again for new sets and ones I may have missed the last go around. You’ll be pleased to see that I was able to find 15 Must Have Minimalist Icons Sets. These icons are perfect for designs that are focused on content and typography.

Minimalist Icon Sets

Social Keys Icon Pack – Free Download | thewebblend

Here’s a free set of social media icons made from keys on a keyboard. There are two sizes availabe for download: Small (70x63px) and Large (140x127px). Enjoy!

Social Keys Icon Pack

Freebie: 23 Sand Written Social Media Icons | animhut

Today’s freebie is sand written social media icons, this pack contains a set of 23 media icons. license for personal use only ( no re-distribution). Format: 256px X 256px PNG download.

23 Sand Written Social Media Icons

40 Fresh New High Quality Icon Sets Created In 2010

Useful Icon Sets (2010) For Web Designers – It’s easy to find good icons sets, but to find fresh new high quality sets can be a tough challenge therefore within this post we have collected 40 high quality fresh icon sets which where all created within this year 2010 for everyone to enjoy.

Fresh New High Quality Icon Sets Created In 2010

50 New Free High-Quality Icon Sets (with Easter Icons!)

Today we are pleased to provide our readers with a yet another round-up of high-quality icon sets. Below, you will find free sets covering a wide range of subjects, including Easter and food sections. Please read the license agreements carefully before using the icons, and feel free to follow the links: they will certainly come in handy when you’re designing a new website or looking for inspiration.

New Free High-Quality Icon Sets

30 Free Hand Drawn Icon Sets

Today we have collected 30 free hand drawn icon sets for web designers.

Free Hand Drawn Icon Sets


Today’s freebie is a set of social media icon pack in graffiti and brush stroke styles. This contains a set of 23 icons in two styles.

License : for personal use only (no re-distribution)


30 Fresh Icon Sets for Developers and Designers

We simply love creative icon design, we really really do. As such in this post we have collected a rich list of 30 fresh icon sets specifically for designers and developers.You will find some mini icons, pictograms, wireframe icons, ecommerce icons, toolbar icons, mobile app icons… the list goes on and on.

Fresh Icon Sets for Developers and Designers

30 (NEW) * High Quality Icon Set for your Dock

Designers love to decorate their docks either by breathtaking wallpapers, themes or Dock Icons Sets. Having the right icons can help to make your dock look much more elegant and complete. Fortunately, there are some excellent free icon sets available that offer very high quality icons. In this post we’ll feature 30 Dock Icon sets that are totally fresh and free for you to download for your Mac. Keep these icon sets handy and they will meet your needs when you want to change your mood.

High Quality Icon Set for your Dock

20 Excellent Icon Sets for Application Design

In our continued effort to find and deliver to you the best free design resources, we’ve compiled a list of 20 excellent icon sets for application design. Just like fonts and textures, you can’t have too many icons in your design library. In this collection you’ll find a variety of icon styles that should fit any type of application design.

Excellent Icon Sets for Application Design

50 Social Bookmarking Icon Sets for Bloggers – Part 2

And please remember, you can’t simply choose any icon-set for your blogs social bookmarking, you need to choose a set that not only compliments your themes design but will also define the character of your content and of your writing style. Not an easy task, take care when choosing.

Social Bookmarking Icon Sets for Bloggers

40 Beautiful MAC OS X and iPhone Inspired Icon Sets

All of these icons have been designed according to the modern styles which are helping to use in all mentioned products, also helping us in latest designs, hope you respected visitors and readers leave your comments.

MAC OS X and iPhone Inspired Icon Sets

50 (More) Excellent Mini Icon Sets

When it comes to GUI and navigation design, we need our buttons to be relatively small, simple and yet descriptive. There is no room for text or complex design and that’s exactly where mini icon comes in. These small little icons control the flow, ease the navigation and increase better user experience and they are designers’ favorites.

mini icon sets

Vintage Icon Set For Bloggers

Inside this hand made high quality Icon Set are 17 Free Vintage Social Media Icons for Bloggers created exclusively for the readers of webexpedition18.

Possible streaks and worn look are intended. This is what makes it different and unique.

Each icon is in .png format with transparent background, sized at 256×256px or 128×128px.

Vintage Icon Set For Bloggers

Aqueous Sun Presents Rust v.01 – 28 Free Textures

Aqueous Sun brings yet another awesome texture pack to us available exclusively for Media Militia. It includes 28 free high resolution textures of the rust. You might have a ton of other rust images but the ones in this pack are huge! They are all around 4288px x 2848px (300ppi) and look stunningly crisp. Enjoy.

Aqueous Sun Presents Rust

35 Handwritten Fonts for Designers

So many fonts… So many choices… Here, we bring you another set of cool fonts you would surely fell in love with. These unique fonts will surely look good with your unique designs… Browse through the entire list and get ready to download the ones you like…These 35 Handwritten Fonts for Designers has been selected thoroughly and is assured of 100% good quality. Get ready and enjoy!!!

Handwritten Fonts

50+ Really Useful Free Professional Icon Sets

Here you will find more than 50 high quality icon sets for the designers. You can download any icon free of cost without having to pay for it. All the icon sets are in different categories. Download as much as you desire. If you appreciate and like this post so please do not forget to leave your valuable comment.Thanks.

Professional Icon Sets

4 Awesome Fresh Font Collections

Limiting your design range to reusing the same font on project after project doesn’t go for making a decent body of work. It is essential that all designers have a good library of fonts that they can rely upon. Unfortunately, a lot of the best fonts are pretty expensive for freelance designers, and as such we have listed below the best and freshest font collections that we could find to help you out.

Fresh Font Collections

50 Collection of Bitmap and Pixel Fonts

A bitmap is a type of graphic composed of pixels (picture element) in a grid. In many designs today, bitmap graphics is also used in various images and creative artworks. In this post, bitmap is used in such a way that more designers will be able to use them. The following is a collection of 50 Bitmap and Pixel Fonts that you surely wouldn’t want to miss!!!Grab your mouse and get ready to download the fonts of your choice and start using them to your designs, now… Have fun!!

Bitmap and Pixel Fonts

15 Uniform Payment Options Icon Sets for Ecommerce Design

Free E-Commerce Icon Sets – A small but often overlooked aspect of most ecommerce sites designs are the flat and bland payment options icons (Visa, Mastercard, Paypal…). From a usability standpoint the icons do need to be instantly recognized by the user, and you can understand why designers opt to use standard icon designs rather than being a little bit more adventurous.Part of the problem is finding a uniform collection of payment icons that are both the same size and style and that are equally suited to your sites design. You will tend to have a mixture of icons that grouped together look strangely out of place. This is what this post aims to address, by helping you find a uniform collection of icons.

Free E-Commerce Icon Sets

30 High-Quality Icon Sets for E-Commerce Designs

E-commerce web design brings some unique requirements, and this usually includes the need for specific icons such as shopping carts, credit cards, and others related to the online shopping experience. In this article, we feature 30 sets of quality icons for use in e-commerce designs.

Icon Sets for E-Commerce Designs

33 Absolutely Free E-Commerce Icon Sets

E-commerce is a term used to describe buying and selling of products and services in the web. Unsurprisingly, because of the rise of modern technology, more and more people are indulging in e-commerce. Nowadays, organizations of all types are into creating their websites for expansion of business and of course for greater customer service. It’s quite important, for this type of interaction to customers, that the site will be user-friendly as possible. Undeniably, icons are far easier to understand and creates more life to the site. It also produces a feeling of invitation to explore the site more.

24 Best E-Commerce Icon Sets

To all business minded people, we have decided to come up with a new set of freebie icons resources for our readers made by some talented designers out there. 24 Best E-Commerce Icon Sets You’ll Need is posted here for business –type websites and other websites that are into selling products.Although, the uses of the icons are not limited to this uses. Feel free to download the icons of your choice and have fun utilizing these in your designs.

Best E-Commerce Icon Sets

The Best E-Commerce Icons All In One Place

Whether it’s textures, Photoshop brushes, or fonts, we love finding top notch free files and sharing them with our readers. We do the searching so you don’t have to. This saves you time and helps you focus on what’s important. For this article, we’ve rounded up high-quality icons that you can use in your e-commerce projects.

The Ultimate Collection Of Free Vector Packs

Free Vector Packs – Designers love freebies that make life easier and help them create higher-quality work. Free vectors are useful, free vector packs even more so. Fortunately, there are plenty of talented graphic designers who are willing to give away their work (or samples of it) to benefit the rest of us. In this post, we feature 60 of the best and most useful free vector packs.Many of the vectors featured here would be useful for particular styles of design and specific types of websites. Take a few moments to browse through them, and you may find something that’s perfect for a current or upcoming project. Before you use any of the freebies, be sure to check the license designated by the creator to stay within the stated guidelines.

Free HQ Vector Packs For Designer

40 Absolutely Free Vector Pack Collections

As designers, we are all familiar with various resources that we use in our usual designs, images and creations. Resources such as brushes and textures are just a few examples of these resources that help improve the quality and artistry of every image. More and more websites are into providing high quality resources for the design community. These items are often offered as freebies that can be used for both commercial and personal purposes…By now, most of you may have numerous downloaded resources available in your computers. Nevertheless, allow us to give you an addition to your collection. Here are 40 Absolutely Free Vector Pack Collections that you can add to your growing pile of resources… These vectors are best used in Illustrator designs and can be re sized without sacrificing quality. Take your pick and have fun!!!

60 Free Vector Icon Packs for Design Professionals

Vector icons are a dime a dozen, but how many would you actually use in professional work–or personal work you want to look professional? A very small percent, most likely. That’s why we’ve assembled the cream of the crop here, featuring only icon packs that are superbly good, yet completely free.

Spooktacular Pumpkin Vector Pack (100 Free Vectors)

Here’s an unexpected Halloween Treat for the Tutorial9 Community! Tina from Artistic Frequency Studios decided to donate a HUGE set of 100 Spooky Pumpkin Vectors on Halloween Eve! It’s a bit last minute, but the pumpkins are perfect decorative pieces for this time of year!

35 High-Quality Free Vector Packs

Web and graphic designers have a lot of free resources at their disposal. Thanks to an active design community, finding quality free resources is possible. In this post we’ll feature some of the best free vector packs that are available for download. As always when you are working with freebies, be sure to check the license and guidelines established by the designer.

Superb Free Vector Sets for Designers

Today i have gathered a huge number of vector sets probably consisting of 100s of vectors for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. All these sets are designed by awesome vector artists on deviant art and you are free to use them as mentioned on their source pages. To go to Source pages of these vectors click on images.All Vector Sets are properly linked back to their original Sources

30+ High Quality And Free Vector Object Sets To Beautify Your Designs

This is a collection of 30+ free & various vector object sets to help you create better. Here they are:

Freebie! 30+ New Social Media Icons

In honor of launching MediaLoot yesterday (you have taken the tour, haven’t you?) we’re releasing another free icon set. This time we wanted to cover one of the most common needs that every web designer has: social media icons.

Ultimate Roundup of Free User Interface Icons

The role and purpose of icons is user interaction is very important these days. Icons can enhance the user experience and user friendly icons are really appreciative but they should be unique and easy to understand. There are so many icon websites available on the web but what we are presenting here is only high quality and web2.0 free icon packs collected from various websites ,designers galleries and blogs.

Icons-Land : Fantastic Icons for Designers

Icons-Land offers Vista style royalty-free stock icons, vector icons, emoticons and custom icon design service. Icons and images play important roles in the look of your product and affect its usability. A good set of icons can certainly enhance the presentation of your designs and products. I came across this cool site and thought that maybe someone might find services of icons land useful for himself. These Amazing icons can be used in building a very attractive look for any site or a presentation, or some kind of UI software and even printed production.

Free Social Network Icons from IconShock

IconShock has designed Social Network icon-set exclusively for Smashing Share readers. The IconShock – icon sets are awesome and free to use for both your personal and commercial projects. Included icons are for following services. Digg, StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter and Delicious.

Green Thumb: A Free Social Media Icon Set

Green Thumb is a free, vector-based social media icon set designed exclusively for release on Visual Swirl. The package contains icons for the following sites: Delicious, Design Bump, Design Float, Digg, Facebook, Linkedin, Myspace, Reddit, RSS, Stumbleupon, Technorati, and Twitter. All icons are available in four sizes: 256×256, 128×128, 64×64 and 32×32 pixels.

Mega Collection of The Best Free Social Media Icons for Bloggers and Designers

Social Media Integration is becoming a must have feature for every website and blog. It is crucial for a website’s success that this feature is not overlooked. One of the ways to get user’s attention is having nice social media icons because they are attention grabbing and easily recognizable. In this showcase we are presenting to you a mega collection of beautiful Social Media Icons that you cannot resist adding to your collection.

Many thanks to the Authors of these beautiful download icons for their hard work.If you are going to install download button on your website you might be tempted to use one of these useful icons.Here are 14 free beautiful and useful download icons hand-picked from devianART.

Drop Box by ~Plexform

drop box icon

Drop Box Vol. 2 by ~Plexform

Colorflow 1.2 a3a Download by ~subuddha

Download Box icons by ~nav94

download icon

Black Box icons by =MDGraphs

black box icon

Download by *kyo-tux

Download box icon

Arrow icon by ~kononenkoyaroslav

Download icon by ~thegmer

JDownloader icon v2 by ~andrei030

Free Download Manager – Dock by ~ssx

Drop Box Icon by *2Shi

download stack by ~mashalosk

Download Arrow by *Arclight-17