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30 awesome car inspiration websites

Auto market is one of the most expensive industries. Even if current economical crisis affected strongly this field, everyone knows that online brand marketing is vital to get in front of the others. This is why beside TV commercials web advertisement and web presentation pages play a very important role. We searched the web and found great car sites that know how to promote their car models and attract web users interest and why not maybe their money also.

Car Website Designs

101 Spectacular Cars Website Designs

Car Web Design – The design, style and content of car websites is generally meant to meet visitors’ expectations of that website since the target audience is very specific. We find graphically rich websites often illustrated with audio and video. Some of the automobile companies use high-end flash applications to showcase their products, features and all-round views. Car designers love to experiment with things and observe how people interact with their work. They use the entertainment value, as well as take care of the simplicity, readability, presentation and accessibility. Thus, a perfect layout, a good design and nice resources of such websites produce a creative output which results in the verity of excellent designs.

acura tsx

Top 30 Car Website Designs of the Major Brands

Car companies do big business and when you are dealing with such expensive products your website better be in tip top shape, especially with such fierce competition and today’s economy. The user experience is extremely important and there are many similarities a lot of the car website designs seem to have in common.Most of them have a vehicle gallery where you can browse all the cars on one page, individual car pages with photo galleries, 360 views and a customize your own car feature. These are just a few of the many features these car websites must have and I thought it would be a great idea to take a look at all of them at once and see which car company does what best.

Industrial Design Of Fiat 500 Through The Decades

Industrial Design – The history of Fiat began many years ago, at the dawn of Italian industrialisation, in which the company has always played a leading role. From that moment on, the Fiat brand spread throughout the world and developed extensively.The tiny Fiat 500 is now something of a trendy cult car, its rounded egg-like body and diminutive size endearing it to millions. The Bambino was very popular in Europe and became a cult classic.In this post You will see how design of Fiat 500, most popular car manufactured by Fiat, evolve through the decades.

12 Superb Concept Cars

Concept cars are created by automakers to showcase new technologies and designs, and are usually not mass-produced; but will surely influence the cars you drive tomorrow. You won’t believe some of the incredible cars that are being designed and created for future markets. These are not science fiction; here are some of the cars that push the boundaries of automotive design to the limit…

Great Examples of Concept Cars

Concept cars are always evolving and designers keep working with this evolution to present us new projects and prospects from time to time. These cars I”ve putted here are futurist, great shaped and pretty attractive. Designing this kind of vehicle demands talent and a bit of visionary perspective from the designer and this is what I admire most about this type of work. So let”s check out some of these cars … enjoy.

Beautiful 3D concept cars

Car artworks are transformed by designers in two ways in a digital model. First is by airbrushing and painting it in Photoshop and the other one is by making of it a 3D model in one of the specific programs(3Ds Max, Blender, Cinema 4D, Lightwave 3D, Maya etc). This article with beautiful 3D art will be an interesting feature for the CG artists that work with the previously mentioned programs because they have in one place the inspirational work for their future car designs. For others, it’s an easy way to see cool 3D graphics, marvelous pictures which some of you would like on their desktop. Hold your horses, I’ll publish some 3D wallpapers soon. In the end of this short description, I’m welcoming you to gaze at these great pictures of concept cars.

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