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Sexy Business Card Design – One of the first impressions a person may have of you is your business card. You give it out at networking events, to prospects and other people you meet. Don’t overlook projecting your brand on your card. Consider that more people will see your business card than will see your brochures or possibly even visit your website.


Sexy Business Card Designs

Orderin Business Cards

Orderin Business Cards

Via Business Card

Via Business Card

Brown & White

brown and white Business Card

Accentuate`s Business Cards

Accentuate Business Cards

My personal card

My personal card



Business card (front)

Business card

Sattom Media Business Cards

Sattom Media Business Cards

LiFT Business Cards

LiFT Business Cards

PX Webdesign Business Cards

PX Webdesign Business Cards business card business card




cool cards

Bridge Photographic Business Card

Bridge Photographic Business Card

Ahmed Murtaza Artography (Business Card)

Ahmed Murtaza Artography

NinjaBTL business card

NinjaBTL business card

Fennica Business Cards

Fennica Business Cards

Baris Celebi Personal Card

Baris Celebi Personal Card

Koodoz Design

Koodoz Design

Brilliancy Business Card

Brilliancy Business Card

Intoto Business Cards

Intoto Business Cards

NationBuilder Pop-up Business Card

NationBuilder Pop-up Business Card

Daniel V J Sweeney Photography

Daniel V J Sweeney Photography

TurboMilk Cards

TurboMilk Cards

20 Clean White Letterpress Business Cards

Not too long ago I owned a site called Card Observer, which is a gallery of business card designs. Everyday I would have to look through submissions and pick out the best business cards. This was something I really enjoyed and miss doing. So I thought it would be fun to do a showcase of awesome business cards here.For this post, I’ve rounded up a collection of 20 clean white letterpress business cards that will inspire you. You’ll notice that the clean and minimal approach taken with these designs conveys an overwhelming sense of quality and elegance.

Elegant Black White Business Cards

14 Business Card Designs in Dark Colors

In a world of business cards where most designs are white or multi-colored, dark business card designs can separate you from the rest. Here are a few examples of beautiful blue and black business card designs.

Beautiful Black White Business Cards

The Simplicity and Elegance of Black & White Business Cards

Why go too crazy when you can keep it simple and elegant with black & white. A great business card design can be in any form of design or color, but sometimes all you need is to keep it simple in order for guaranteed success, and here are some really good samples of how you can get it done right.

Cool Black White Business Cards

20+ Elegant Examples of Black Business Cards

Black is a powerful color that has always been synonym of elegance in design, and even more when it comes to business cards. Indeed, black is a good way to stand out from the crowd, since white is widely used in this domain. So how could I publish a series of business card showcases without showing beautiful examples of black ones?

awesome Black White Business Cards

100 Refreshing Black & White Business Cards

This is a massive collection of amazing black and white bnusiness cards. These examples prove that the most basic colors can create amazing pieces of artwork. Most of these are white and black, but accasionally you will see a third color. If you are thinking of designing a black based business card then this article is the jackpot. Please let us know what you think by commenting below.

Beautiful Black White Business Card Designs

35 Sexy Black Business Card

The color black can also be mysterious, sexy, and sophisticated with power, elegance.Many people love color as black and design black Business Card for their business .we present you 35 Sexy Black Business Card.Hope you enjoy this Inspiration Post!

Sexy Black Business Card

Transparent business cards are made up of durable materials that can outlast any general business cards. However, apart from durability, business plastic cards are recognized by their touch as well.Now here are 20 most creative transparent business cards,hope you like these cards.


Creative Transparent Business Cards

Tactix Business Cards

Business Cards

Clear transparent business cards

Cool Business Cards

Plastic Business Card Cassette Tape

NetPlus ID

Transparent Business Card_3

Clear Plastic

Clear + White02

AEN Meishi (business card)



Business Cards

New Business Cards

transparent plastic business cards

Digital Fish Business Card

Kevin Franco Business Card

Metal business card

Dreamten Studios Card

Grafix Unlimited Plastic Business Cards

10 Beautiful Letterpress Business Cards

Embossed Business Cards – Like many other creative types out there, I am fascinated with great looking business cards. That is why we recently launched a new site called Card Observer. In the two weeks of being live, Card Observer has received tons of great submissions, of which many have been letterpress printed cards. If you are not familiar with letterpress, it is the process of inking a raised surface and then pressing it into the stock.

Embossed Letterpress Business Cards

37 Beautiful Letterpress Business Cards

Designing business cards can be tricky, because it’s always difficult to make one which stands out from the hundreds of others in circulation! Letterpress definitely brings a new dimension to business cards.If you are looking to have a few printed, here are a range of catchy letterpress designs for inspiration. The idea of depth and an embossed logo add a completely new element, and could well be the best way to really make an impression.

25 Letterpressed and Embossed Business Cards

Professional and memorable business cards can leave a very favorable first impression. Your business card says a lot about you and the services you offer. Choosing premium features such as letterpress or emboss adds a touch (literally) of class that will set your cards apart from the crowd. Browse this gallery of letterpressed and embossed business cards to get ideas for that professional, luxurious, and elegant look you may require.

33 Letterpress Business Cards for Inspiration

Business cards are a necessity for designers who want to market themselves and their services to people that they come across. They also provide an opportunity for the designer to make an impression with a stylish, memorable card. Letterpress business cards are a popular choice for designers, and in this post we’ll showcase 33 high-quality letterpress cards. Hopefully these examples will provide some inspiration if you are considering designing some new business cards.

400+ Creative Business Card Designs

So you want some business card design inspiration? Well here you have 400 creative and beautiful business card designs all on one page. Enjoy this 20mb load!

Business Card Designs

20 cool & creative business cards for your inspiration

Handing out your business card is a more crucial moment than it appears, it’s the perfect time for you to make a good first impression on your prospects. For your inspiration, take a look at these cool and creative business cards.

Cool Creative Business Card Designs

42 Awesome Business Card Designs (With Links to 100s More)

In today’s tech-oriented world of short attention spans it is more important than ever to make a compelling first impression. A brilliant business card that speaks to your profession, serves some unusual function or that transforms into something else can be a great way to grab attention and inspire those you meet. Organized by category here are 42 extremely creative business card designs. Some of these are old, some new, but all are still amazing examples of out-of-the-box thinking in business card design.

Awesome Business Card Designs

36 Beautiful Business Card designs

This Article is the final part of one my Business card design inspiration series, 1. 27 Creative business cards you should’ve seen , 2. 36 cool business cards you Should’ve seen

Beautiful Business Card designs

24 Creative Business Card Designs

Collection of creative business card designs and cool business cards that everyone should see.

Creative Business Card Designs

75 Fresh Business Cards for Design Inspiration

For marketing point of view to any kind of business, its very important to have a good looking business card. Business card reflects the seriousness of you involved in your own business. Therefore we have collected some nicely designed Business cards for design inspiration.

Fresh Business Cards for Design Inspiration

37 Grunge Business Card Designs

When it comes to business cards you need to make an impact and nothing does that better than having some sick grunge business card designs. The grunge style is a great way to give your business or personal brand a little edge and in today’s economy you need all the weapons you can get!

Grunge Business Card Designs

18 Smokin’ Hot Business Card Designs

A good business card is an essential tool in any freelancer’s arsenal. When you’re at a function networking, meeting new clients, or your work comes up in a conversation, your card is the anchor to make sure the discussion doesn’t come to nothing.

Hot Business Card Designs

44 Awesome Business Card Designs that Will Inspire You

Business-minded people are into creating ways to advertise and get in touch with important and influential people in the society. Handing out business cards is a great way to get noticed and remembered. Traditionally, business cards are small pieces of paper containing basic information such as name, contact information and the like… Very practical indeed… However, practical can also be mixed with style and creativity to create more impact to the person who receive the card. The more unique the card is, the greater chance of being noticed…

Awesome Business Card Designs that Will Inspire You

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