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135 page magazine includes interviews with Alex Oliver and Sebastien Sonet, and for all you who are following Rafael Ghencev’s ZBrush Character Creation tutorials series, this month you won’t be disappointed as he creates an ‘Extreme Pierced & Tattooed guy – plus much, much more.

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In this issue you will find an article of tribute to the master Stan Winston also, some useful information, such as “making of” spectacular renders, images, tutorials about 3D programs, basic theory of design and colour, interviews with the best artists of all over the world, gallery of renders and much more information.



3DCreative Magazine. Issue 033 (May 2008) | PDF | 210MB


3D Animation: From Models to Movies by Adam Watkins
430 pages | 1st edition | ISBN-10: 1584500239 | 81 Mb

Creating professional-quality graphics and animations requires a combination of artistic and technical talent; but even before you can put these skills to work, you need a solid understanding of the digital 3D world. With the hands-on instruction provided here you learn how to master the 3D world, and apply this understanding to the art of animation. Written for designers and students just beginning in animation, 3D Animation: From Models to Movies provides concise coverage of the fundamentals of 3D to ensure that learning animation is a smooth and enjoyable journey. If you are already working in 3D, taking a course, or just want to hone your skills, this is the right resource for you.

Through a variety of practical tutorials, you will learn everything from understanding 3D to modeling, rendering, texturing, lighting, and animation. The tutorials use a variety of projects and programs to illustrate the techniques. Maxon Cinema4D XL v6, Strata StudioPro 3D, and NewTek LightWave v6 are the primary programs used, but the techniques covered can be easily applied to other professional-quality programs including Animation:Master, 3D Studio Max, Maya, or SoftImage. So even if you are not using one of the three primary programs covered, you will be able to apply the skills you learn to your program of choice.

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The most beautiful CG girls (september 2006)
JPG 9 MB / PDF 14 MB

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Computer Graphics World Magazine (March 2008) | PDF | 7.2MB

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RENDER MAGAZINE (April 2008) | PDF | 23MB

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3dcreative Magazine No32 (April 2008) | PDF | 138MB

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CGArena April – May 2008 Issue – 40MB
Apr-May 2008 Issue Articles
* Interview with Anselm v. Seherr
* Photoshop: Making of Angel of War
* After Effects: Bullet Holes
* 3ds Max: Making of Guerriero
* XSI: Making of The Lengends Jeep Willys MB
* 3ds Max: Making of Dungeon
* Gallery – Showcase of latest 3D inspiring art

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