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How To: Resizeable Background Image

CSS Tutorials For Dealing With Background – Is there a way to make a background image resizeable? As in, fill the background of a web page edge-to-edge with an image, no matter the size of the browser window. Also, have it resize larger or smaller as the browser window changes. Also, make sure it retains its ratio (doesn’t stretch weird). Also, doesn’t cause scrollbars, just cuts off vertically if it needs to. Also, comes in on the page as an inline img tag.

Resizeable Background Image

How to: CSS Large Background

Since I posted the huge collection of Large Background Websites, I received several email requests on how to make a large background site with CSS. So, I thought it would be a good idea to share my techniques on designing large background websites. In this tutorial, I will provide various CSS examples on how you can create a large background site using either a single or double images.

CSS Large Background

Backgrounds In CSS: Everything You Need To Know

Backgrounds are a core part of CSS. They are one of the fundamentals that you simply need to know. In this article, we will cover the basics of using CSS backgrounds, including properties such as background-attachment. We’ll show some common tricks that can be done with the background as well as what’s in store for backgrounds in CSS 3 (including four new background properties!).

Backgrounds In CSS

Blurry Background Effect

When setting a background image on a page element with CSS, you can control its position with “background-position”, but an often-forgotten trick is that you can control its position behavior with “background-attachment”.Utilizing two images, we can pull off a pretty simple and fun CSS trick I’m calling the “blurry background effect”. Here are the results:

Blurry Background Effect

Mastering CSS background-position

Hi there guys! As you may know, we have published a lot of tutorials to learn how to improve the interaction of our web applications mainly using javascript and jQuery. We have created our layouts for these tutorials using xHTML and CSS and this time the CSS part will be the important thing and not a simple spectator.

Mastering CSS background-position

split backgrounds/a css trick

Sometimes css tricks just work. You hit a certain problem, take a few good minutes to think it over, devise a css solution … and it works. These cases are quite rare indeed, but they do exist. And as these examples are particularly fun to share with others, here goes. This article will demonstrate a little trick splitting a background into two parts while keeping it flexible in width.

split backgrounds

CSS Triple Border Background Tutorial

Learn to create Triple Border Background pages without the need for tables! Use CSS to style beautiful pages for poetry, graphic collections, and many other stylish presentations.

CSS Triple Border Background

80 Large Background Websites

As the monitor resolution and internet speed is advancing, it seems like more and more designers use over-sized photo or illustrated image as the website’s background. Large background image can create the stunning visual effect, especially for high resolution monitors. It can also add more life to your site design compared to the traditional tiled background graphic. Here is a collection of 80 websites that used large image as the site background (must-see, you won’t be disappointed).

Large Backgrounds

Showcase of Big Backgrounds in Web Design

Large Background In Website Design – Websites using large background images are consistently increasing in popularity. This post is a showcase of more than 30 websites using large background images. As you will see from the websites that are featured here, there are any number of different approaches and possibilities that can be used to create an impact with a background image.

32 Examples Website with Large Background Image

Hi, many of designer predicted one of the trends of web design in 2010 is using a big background image but who know, we’ll see. In while why not we can make the concept even trend or not, there are other the more important point in designing a website than follow the trends. Usefull, informative, on target, productive, etc.Below, I have collected some example of website was using large background image what I got while I’m looking for some inspiration and idea and now I want to share you which maybe also will inspiring you.They are inspiring me for my next project with the concept is using large image for the background. And if you have some resource and idea about this, may you can share to us.

70 beautiful websites with a large background

70 beautiful websites with a large background

35 Creative Twitter User Profile Designs

Cool Twitter Profile Background Designs – One of the most important aspects of attracting followers on Twitter, in addition to quality tweets, is your Twitter page profile design; it has to be creative and attractive to show that you take tweeting seriously. This collection of Twitter user profile designs follows up on an earlier showcase that we published called 50 Beautiful & Unique Twitter Profile Designs.

Creative Twitter User Profile Designs

30 Mind Blowing Inspirational Twitter Backgrounds

Twitter allows twitter users to customise their own personal profile background image. There are many beautiful twitter backgrounds out there, this article is just simply a round-up of 30 mind blowing inspirational twitter backgrounds to inspire you to create your own beautiful twitter background.

Mind Blowing Inspirational Twitter Backgrounds

50+ Beautifully Designed Left-Bar in Twitter Profile Backgrounds

Here I’ve compiled +50 list of beautiful and artistic twitter pages that use creativity in background image use the portion of left bar to rest their twitter page apart from the ordinary and can leave an unforgettable and positive feeling to the people who view these works of art..

Beautifully Designed Left-Bar in Twitter Profile Backgrounds

22 Beautiful And Inspirational Twitter Theme Background Designs

Twitter is the next big thing. Short Microblogging is extremely handy in today’s world. You can find out what people are doing by just looking on their twitter page. Many celebritys use it, and fans can follow to their updates. With Twitter, you can have a custom background and style of your page.

Beautiful And Inspirational Twitter Theme Background Designs

25 of the Best Designed Twitter Homepages

You are limited to how far you can modify your Twitter homepage, pretty much changing the background color or image and the color of the links is all you can actually do. So, it is no surprise that the best designed homepages (mainly) come from graphic designers, who with a blank canvas can create something amazing out of nothing.

Best Designed Twitter Homepages

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