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22 Website Designs Inspired by

It’s well known that Apple is one of the most creative and innovative companies in the world, so it’s no wonder that many software companies and web designers would choose to follow Apple’s style of branding.The Apple website is one of the best websites out there due to its ease of use, functionality and the beautiful environment that it creates.I looked at websites that use one or more design elements inspired by Some of these sites sell Mac software and apps, so it makes sense for them to keep the same Apple look and feel. Consider this though: How many software companies that develop for Windows, choose to brand their websites to look like Vista? I have included a few screenshots of the Apple website, just in case you haven’t never seen it before.

Website Designs Inspired by Apple

40 Apple Inspired Website Designs for Design Inspiration

Website Design Inspired by Apple  – It’s not a secret that for years, Apple has had a huge impact on designers across the globe. Apple has always able to found an extremely effective way to deliver its message via web to a wide audience and their design is often a key source of inspiration for everyone who is related to design field. You can clearly see the effective use of essential key aspects of web design which are simplicity, readability, presentation and accessibility in their design. So no wonder that no other company has managed to come up with such a brilliant appearance on the Web.

Apple Inspired Website Designs

60 Apple Inspired Websites – Why Apple Design Works?

Apple has always been showing what beautiful design means in all their designs, products, icons, websites. But what really make Apple design stand out from the crowd? Why it receives so big attention, so many awards, what’s so special in it?I wanted to find it out so that’s why I created this Apple type inspirational post showcasing all the best Apple inspired web designs and in the meantime I also analyzed Apple website as well trying to drop down important points and explain why their design and approach works. It was very interesting study for myself and also I got reason to put all this stuff in easy to read and transparent way.

Apple Inspired Websites

25 Stunning Website Designs Inspired by Apple

For many years Apple has been at the leading edge of technology, software, branding and web design. A strong and instantly recognisable Apple style is maintained across the company’s applications and Internet exposure, with several key aspects in its approach to design. Strong, bold icons are used to define and navigate; great product and screenshots reveal the goods; cleanly-gridded typography with various sizes of text makes large amounts of content readable; and a cool colour scheme of white, blue, grey and black is used with plenty of open space between the content. Understandably, people working outside of Apple attempt to emulate this style, and it is fascinating to see how designers have tweaked the style to fit their products. This post brings together 25 of the best websites that take Apple as their inspiration.

Stunning Website Designs Inspired by Apple

50 Amazing and Gorgeous Apple Related Websites

With the hype of the ipad taking over the news I thought it would be appropriate to showcase a number of websites that have been inspired or designed for an apple related product. The collection is outstanding. The attention to detail in each website seems to orginate from the amazing design of OSX. This maybe why there seems to be very few badly designed mac application websites.

Apple Related Websites

Laptop Sleeves, Skins and Stickers

Apple MacBook Skin Designs – In this issue of monday inspiration series we provide you with some fresh ideas to spice up your environment with laptop skins, engravings, sleeves, cases and stickers. In the end of this post you’ll also find some experimental ideas for laptop decoration — caution, you don’t really want to replicate them at home or at office — well, at least if you care about your laptop.

Apple MacBook Skin Designs

80 Creative Ways to Customize Your MacBook

The MacBook and MacBook Pro are stunning examples of minimalist design.Their sleek lines, simple shapes, and uncomplicated designs are pinnacles of modern beauty. But let’s face it: they pretty much all look the same.Whether you have a basic 13″ MacBook, a MacBook Pro, or a MacBook Air, they’re all silver, they’ve all got a very similar shape (even though the Air is significantly thinner than its counterparts), and while they’re never boring, they can sometimes be a bit “blah.”

Creative Ways to Customize Your MacBook

31 Fabulous MacBook and Laptops Skins

Did you ever think that you need some thing different for your laptop? Spending alot of time in front of laptop lets you with the need to change.In this post, I would like to share some of the most fabulous Macbook and laptops skins that will rock-up your laptop and fans your friends. If you like this post,do not forget to share it with your friends and social networks.

Fabulous MacBook and Laptops Skins

25 Creative Macbook Skins Using the Apple Logo

The talented artists over at Etsy and SkinAT have created some amazing Macbook skins incorporating the Apple logo into the designs. Here’s 25 of the best of them

20 Creative Apple Concept Designs

Brilliant Apple Concept Designs – With the much anticipated unveiling of Apple’s new tablet, dubbed the iPad, I thought we would take a look at some other apple related concept designs that have sprung up across the web. Apple is famous for being on the forefront of breakthrough tech designs that often live up to their hype upon their release.

Brilliant  Apple Concept Designs

33 Awesome Apple iPhone 4G Concept Pictures

Some days before, Apple announced features of next version of iPhone 4.0 OS in a live event. If you missed it, you can check this link to know some awesome features coming in Apple iPhone 4.0.If you seen it, than you must know that Apple haven’t revealed what will be the new design of Apple iPhone 4.0. How is it going to look like or can will there be any design changes or not?

Apple iPhone 4G Concept Pictures

30 Stunning Apple Concept Designs

A great wave of excitement is sweeping across all Apple fans as they await for the official launch of the latest amazing Apple product by year end. Yes, it is the eagerly anticipated Apple Tablet, which was reported to be commercially available this coming November. Some of us may have seen the prototype online, and few will disagree that it is yet another beautiful creation by Apple.

Apple Concept Designs

52 Gorgeous Apple Concept Products

With all the speculation surrounding a possible new Apple Tablet/Netbook, we thought it would be fun to take a look at 52 visually stunning Apple concept products. We’ve broken products down into categories such as Tablets, Netbooks, Notebooks, Desktops, iPod, iPhone and Media Centre.

Gorgeous Apple Concept Products

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