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30+ Useful Adobe Air Application for Web Designers and Developers

The Adobe® AIR® runtime lets developers use proven web technologies to build rich Internet applications that run outside the browser on multiple operating systems.

Dozens of companies like National Geographic, eBay and Nickelodeon use the free Adobe AIR to create exciting new applications letting the user use their services on their desktop. Applications using Adobe AIR are easier, more powerful, more fun to use.Here I’ve collected 30+ useful adobe air application for web designers and developers, these are the applications that help you to achieve more that you could using a web browser alone.Hope you find this apps useful

27 Adobe AIR Applications – Handy For Web Designers

Every designer & developer loves handy tools that simplify frequent tasks.

And, even if you’ve a complicated software that does the same thing, usually it is much more effective to run a tiny, fast-loading application that does the job.

This is a list of 27 functional Adobe AIR applications that can help a web designer to design & develop:

10 Adobe AIR Applications To View, Download And Share Photos On Flickr

Flickr is the largest online photo sharing and you can find a lot of useful images or stock photos for your project. Adobe AIR is a technology that let developers to build rich internet applications that run across different Operation Systems.

With the powerful features of Adobe AIR and Flickr’s API, there are a lot of great applications that built upon them. Today, we are going to see 10 awesome Adobe AIR applications that will help you in viewing, downloading and sharing photos on Flickr.

22 Awesome Adobe AIR Applications for Designers

Adobe AIR has become a popular platform for internet-enabled desktop applications. If you’re a designer, AIR applications will help you with a multitude of tasks that will make your life easier, aiding you in streamlining your workflow. Close to a year ago, we wrote a post on this topic, and since then there have been great advances and even more awesome AIR apps for designers. This article aims to cover what we didn’t mention previously.

21 Adobe Air Apps For Designers And Social Media Addicts

Adobe air apps are just simply great it enables any one with knowledge within ajax, Flash, JavaScript and HTML to be able to create a desktop widget, which can be created to be compatible with a range of different operating systems. This article I’ve compiled is 21 great Adobe Air Apps for Designers and Social Media Addicts.

50+ Constructive Adobe Air Apps for Web Designers and Developers

Adobe AIR is platform for internet-enabled desktop applications which helping web designers and developers that allows developers to use HTML, Ajax, and Flash to develop desktop applications. In the past from few years AIR has gained a lot of popularity with amazing inspirational examples, and there have been a lot of great applications created, including some that are very useful listing here.Adobe Air apps work both on windows and MAC computers, some of the individuals have create useful desktop apps using Adobe AIR, I came across or used at least once. Adobe AIR apps allow users can be able to tackle everything from image editing and color scheme management to batch processing images, wire framing, debugging and browser testing.

30+ Enormously Useful Adobe Air Applications

Today we presenting some most useful Adobe Air Applications, one of the most appreciated application platform, it has become a very much popular platform for internet-enabled desktop applications.This application (Adobe Air) with rich features helping for web designers and developers too, even web developers are able to build application using HTML, Ajax, JavaScript, Flex and famous tool Adobe Flash.

10 Best Photo & Video Related Adobe AIR Applications

Adobe AIR is getting popular and becoming useful day by day. There are lots of helpful applications developed in Adobe AIR. Here i wanted to list down the 10 best Adobe AIR applications which can be used for photos and videos.Whether you want to do video editing, simple playback, videos searching or organizing and browsing photos these tools will help you out.

9 Amazing Adobe Air Apps that make Twitter even easier

I am a fan of most things Twitter related, I love the the sheer simplicity of it.

There is no one on this planet that does not like Twitter, the sheer simplicity is what has made it as popular as it is.

And, just to make this easier, here are 9 Free Adobe Air apps especially for Twitter.Remember and download Adobe Air 1.1 before you install any of these apps.