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Chariot 3d model – .max – 4.7MB

Detailed 3d model of Chariot with horses and other mythical creatures.

Download Mirror 1

Download Mirror 2

Shopping Cart 3d model – .max and .3ds – 144KB

Detailed 3d model of shopping cart, textured with standard materials.


Lowpoly 3d models – .max – 480KB
3d model of a van, car, mailboxes, helicopter, barn and a bridge.
Goggles 3d model – .max, .obj – 1.5MB

Detailed 3d model of Goggles with high resolution textures.



Gold Ring 3d model – .max, .3ds and .obj230 KB

GOLD is highly valuable and rare metallic element with a melting point of 1064 degrees celsius and a boiling point of 2808 degrees celsius. The report from World Gold Council says, that at the end of 2001 all the gold ever mined stood at around 145,000 tonnes. The reason why gold was measured in carats dates back to ancient times in the Mediterranean and the Middle East, when a carat became used as a measure of the purity of gold alloys. Gold and Diamond together form the most precious and attracted piece of jewellery. Find more at – GOLD-DIAMOND-PEARLS

Nokia 6310i 3d model – .max – 429KB

Medium poly 3d model of Nokia 6310/i textured with materials, screen alone uses a bitmap.

Nokia 6310i is a old model from Nokia, but still popular for its features and simplicity. This is the first cellphone to use Bluetooth. The 6310i also featured WAP, Java Applications, GPRS and Infrared support.


Crane 3d model – .max, .obj – 880KB

Lowpoly crane model with all the details and bitmap textures