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3d model of tree – .max and .3ds – 6MB

High detailed 3d model of tree with high resolution textures. Good for closeup renderings.



Maple Tree 3d model, .max – 270KB

Lowpoly 3d model of trees , textured with bitmaps.

Palm – 3d tree model – .max, .3ds and .obj – 615 KB

Lowpoly Palm tree game model , textured with bitmaps and comes with wind animation. Follow the tutorial (How to animate season?) to change the color of the palm leaves.

3d Tree model with wind animation – .max and .3ds – 1.5MB

This tree model comes wind animation. Extend the time frame for smooth animation. Textured with bitmaps (diffuse and alpha).

How to animate Season?

The Leaves change colour when seasons change. This is what we need to do. Go to the Maps rollout and in the diffuse slot click on mix map. Mix map uses two colours, colour1 uses bitmaps and colour2 uses a gradient ramp. click on the gradient ramp in color2 map slot and adjust the colours and see the colour of the leaves change. The max files comes with both the materials for your reference.

Gradient Ramp with shades of Green

Gradient Ramp with shades of Brown and Green



Pine tree 3d model – .max and .3ds – 490KB

Pine tree model , low resolution mesh with diffuse and opacity maps. uses very low resource, can be used to populate mountains and terrains.

Lowpoly trees 3d model – .max and .3ds – 555KB

Lowpoly tree model textured with diffuse and alpha map. Lowpoly and low resolution texture (256 x 256 tga) suitable to populate terrains and forests.


Flowers 3d model – .3ds – 1.1MB

Plant Facts:

Asparagus, Onion, Garlic all belong to Lily family.

Insect eating plants like pitcher, venus fly-trap and bladderwort derive nitrogen by trapping and digesting the insects.