Awesome 3D Concept Car Designs

Posted on: Haziran 25, 2010

Falcon Concept Car

Awesome 3D Concept Car Designs – Falcon is an innovative concept both “unprecedented” and dynamic suggesting an elegant synthesis between two worlds – that a car by its front aspect and double rotatable jet propelled engines by its rear aspect. These engines are giving a lot of extra power when you do race, and they push up the rear of vehicle to reach the vertical position for the city mode then they turn off and the vehicle works like a big SEGWAY for using less space on ground to enlarge the parking place for people.

Bridgestone Falcon Concept Car 1

Bridgestone Falcon Concept Car 2

Bridgestone Falcon Concept Car 3

Bridgestone Falcon Concept Car 4

Bridgestone Falcon Concept Car 5

Bridgestone Falcon Concept Car 6

Hussar Inspired Dakar Rally

Inspired by the Winged Cavalry, the swift and agile Hussar Dakar rally vehicle applies the same principles of mobility, adaptability and self-sufficiency sided with an aggressive competitive character.

Hussar Inspired Dakar Rally concept car

one modular electro car

The core idea is using modular design principles in order to develop a vehicle that combine benefits of public transport (cheap, no technical service required) and benefits of personal transport (comfort, personalization, direction freedom).

one modular electro car 3d design concept

Victorious Beast

Victorious Beast 3d car design

Higgins-Aubé Energya

Higgins-Aubé Energya 3d concept car design

Peugeot Capsule

Peugeot Capsule 3d concept car

AMATOYA – Fire Reconnaissance Vehicle

The AMATOYA concept will introduce a new class of vehicle to the field of fire appliance design; capable of reconnaissance and suppression, the proposal may gradually shift the way authorities approach modern fire fighting. Research indicates a need to develop an advanced and highly specialised light tanker. It must function primarily as a reconnaissance vehicle while providing unparalleled vehicle and crew safety/survivability, maintain superior off road capabilities and possess appropriate fire suppression technology for the purpose of initial response and front line defence.

Fire Reconnaissance Vehicle 3d car concept design

Audi Shark

Shark shows difference from today’s cars in terms of its own design and technology. It carries the qualifications of today’s technology and at the same time it takes the attention about its structure of plane and motorcycle like details.

Audi Shark 3d concept car design


PEUGEOT 3d concept car


Pandur 3d concept car design

Vehicle : Conceptuale

Vehicle Conceptuale 3d car design

jet car

jet car 3d concept car design

jet car 3d concept car design 2

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