138 Beautiful Fashion Web Designs

Posted on: Haziran 10, 2010

35 Inspirational Fashion Website Designs

Beautiful Fashion Web Design – Appearance is crucial for obvious reasons in the fashion industry. With that in mind, many fashion e-commerce sites can be an excellent source of design inspiration.Attractive design and photography can make the products more appealing to visitors and increase sales.There are a lot of different design styles and approaches that are used by online fashion shops, but generally photography and product/model images play a large role.Sometimes the design and layout is minimal, allowing for more empasis on the products. Others feature huge photos as the primary focal point of the page.

Inspirational Fashion Website Designs

66 Famous Fashion Websites for your Inspiration

Here is a list of inspirational web designs from the fashion design industry. Most of them use Flash to create a “fashion experience” when visiting their site and some are exceptionally innovative.Although almost all of them have a minimalistic design, the individual style gets reflected successfully in each one of them which makes it a really nice experience (if one has a good internet connection and patience – some take a lot of time to load!).Of course, the key element is amazing photography but some sites have other extraordinary eye candy. The website of Pierre Cardin for example, has an amazing entry page. I think one of the most interesting parts is the way photos and videos are shown. There is some great inspirational material for gallery designs.

Famous Fashion Websites

Weekly inspiration No3 – Fashion website

It’s Monday, This week for weekly inspiration we choose to go with client business, we choose to go with cars, fashion, and furniture and interior.Now let’s go with Fashion we choose more than 30 of best design.In this showcase, you’ll find a variety of creative, beautiful, unique, and inspirational designs which are following the same trend of Fashion design.

Fashion website

17 Cheeky Fashion Blog Designs

Here is a collection of fashion blogs that I think will give you some design inspiration. Some are full of life, and very splashy, where as others have a nice simplistic design that is very easy to see where everything is. Let me know what one you think is your favorite and why.

Cheeky Fashion Blog Designs

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