Top Flickr Groups For Design Inspiration

Posted on: Mayıs 16, 2010

99 Flickr Groups for Design Inspiration

Flickr Groups for Design Inspiration – Web designers and graphic designers are always looking for new sources of design inspiration. Of course, many of us turn to CSS galleries, and there are even more sources of offline inspiration. Personally, I find the work in many Flickr groups to be another excellent source of inspiration. Aside from the billions of photos on Flickr, there are also some groups that have been established to showcase the work of designers. Here is a look at 99 of them according to category (about half of them are general graphic design groups). Below the link to each group you’ll see the number of members and the number of items (pictures, graphics, screenshots, etc.) that have been submitted to the group, plus I have included part of the group description as listed by the moderator.

10+ Flickr Groups for Book Design and Inspiration

“10 Websites for Vintage Books, Covers and Inspiration” is one of the most popular posts on The Casual Optimist, and here, at long last, is the promised follow-up: “10 Flickr Groups for Book Design and Inspiration.”There are a lot of amazing photostreams with book sets – Covers etc, insect54, Kyle Katz, mjkghk, Montague, Paula Wirth, and Scott Lindberg to name just a few that I’ve come across — but I’ve decided to focus this post on my favourite group pools because they collate the best of these individual streams together.

25+ Unusual Flickr Groups For Inspiration

Flickr is an invaluable source of inspiration: I try to save some time almost every day to just wonder through the thousands of beautiful photos and designs uploaded by truly amazing artists.One of the good things about Flickr is the infinity of subjects that it covers, and that is especially evident when browsing groups. Some Flickr groups are precious collections of powerful visual pieces that we have access to at any time and for free (it’s cheaper than buying books on the subjects!).

Top 35 Flickr Groups for Infographics and Data Visualization

Infographics are here to stay. More and more we see it trough the popularity that this kind of content reaches on Blog posts, Twitter and other social media networks, driving traffic and promoting great discussions on every kind of subject. And one of the best places to find tons of new infographics, maps, charts and other forms of data visualization goodies is, without question, Flickr Groups.

10 Great Flickr Groups For Photographers

If you want to share you photographs with the rest of the world, then you should definitely publish your photos on Flickr. Flickr has probably one of the biggest photo collections in the world. You could also join a Flickr group. This group contains photographs from with a specific theme. In this post you’ll find 10 great Flickr groups for amateurs and professional photographers.

20+ Inspirational Vector Flickr Groups, and a Truckload of Awesome Vector Art

If your considering placing your vectors on Flickr, then here are some groups to submit your work to. There are a wide range of vector groups. Some focused around programs like Illustrator and Inkscape, other focused on websites, like the Vectortuts+ Flickr group, there are some large anything goes vector Flickr groups, and some small groups with a tight focus and active communities.One of the strategies to getting lots of feedback on your work is to submit it to numerous relevant groups – especially, those with active communities. Let’s take a look at these groups and a whole bunch of awesome vector art. It’s time to get your vector on!

30 inspiring Flickr groups on typography

Inspiring typographical Flickr collections, for designers and type nuts. The following groups contain more than 50,000 images showcasing typography. Just about enough to quench your type desires.

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