Graffiti Illusion : 129 Amazing Illusions

Posted on: Mayıs 8, 2010

Magical Street Graffiti – 35 Breathtaking Illusions!!

Graffiti Illusion – Graffiti, by nature, is a very controversial subject as it represents a type of art which is mostly unauthorized and one that is in contrast to traditional forms of artwork. The ever growing street culture and graffiti are mostly provocative, appealing, bold and audacious. A concept that was originally used by gangsters to stamp their authority on a specific urban area, graffiti is now also used by graphic designers and creative artists to showcase their artwork.

76 Unbelievable Street And Wall Art Illusions

Public graffiti and destructive doodling is one of the most costly art forms. Some people apparently think it is creative, and I can agree with that to one extent. However, there is a difference between art graffiti and just tagging away with an alco-pen leaving messages like “I Was Here” written in some elaborate spiral designed way. I have touched on this subject before here on Bit Rebels, and there isn’t much more to say about it other than it is destructive and costs a lot of people a lot of money. Well, as I said before, you can always use “Fat Tag” together with a projector to do your non-destructive tagging if you feel the urge to do it.

18 Excellent Graffiti Illusions

What is it about graffiti that separate it from all other art forms? First, it’s done outside. The element of danger adds to the piece, making us appreciate the elusive artist’s work even more. Next, it’s usually done in a specific place – carefully selected, so that the context becomes just as relevant as the piece. Finally, when you add in an illusion, it takes on a three dimensional view. We experience the art on a deeper level.

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