How to Spam Google and get away with it

Posted on: Nisan 8, 2010

I bet you are eager to find out just how to do this. “Spamming Google” that is, and getting away with it. Maybe you want to try this method out or maybe you are another SEO guy waiting with baited breath to downplay this concept.

Well, I hope you are ready for the answer regardless.

First, let’s go over what is “bad Spam”. I’m not entirely sure that there is good spam, but for arguments sake, let’s discuss what you shouldn’t do.

Spam means (according to, “Unsolicited e-mail, often of a commercial nature, sent indiscriminately to multiple mailing lists, individuals, or newsgroups; junk e-mail.” Now, search engine spam is different. You can spam by repeating keywords too many times in your site’s content and tags. Hiding text on web pages is also spam. Creating a lot of back links to “bad neighbors” is yet another example of spam. You can also spam by:

Using bad re-directs

Using doorway pages

Cyber squatting

Using micro/mini sites. (sites with 3 or less pages)

Now, I do not support spam, nor do I participate in it. If you come across a site that is spamming, you can and should report them. To report to: Google MSN Yahoo

The type of spam you CAN get away with is content. I know what you are going to say… “Content isn’t spam”. It is, I assure you. I write 4 articles a month. I submit them to approximately 130 sites per article. That’s over 500 links a month. That is a tremendous amount of links. However, Google does not see it as spam. This is the only form of “Spam” Google permits. Those 500+ articles all create valid backlinks. That’s all the search engines accept. There may come a time when the search engines may evaluate these articles to see if they are of “real” content and not generated (which mine are, so no worries there), but as of now, this method is acceptable.

Another way to use this content is with blogs. Search engines tend to favor

blogs over websites. Writing keyword rich content can help pull in some traffic. Remember, choose the name of your blog wisely as this can make or break your blog. Be sure it is a keyword phrase that describes your content in general. You can create as many content rich posts as you would like. The trick is that the content needs to be real content. The keywords should be at least 5% of the overall content. The title also needs to be optimized. I don’t advise anyone to write content solely for the sake of having a place for keywords. Think of why you want those keywords to exist and you now have something to say.

You may disagree that this is spam, but indeed it is. I wrote an article earlier this year titled, “Out of Exile: How to get un-banned from Google”. On Yahoo, nearly 3,000 sites have pick this article up.

Under any other circumstance, this would be bad SEO. Since this is content (and content that has certainly helped out quite a few people from the feedback I’ve received), it is allowed. 3,000 links in a few months is spam. No doubt about it. So, Spam away.

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