Article Submissions are for more than just content and backlinks

Posted on: Nisan 8, 2010

The Internet is known as the “Information Super Highway”, and for good reason. The Internet holds an incredible amount of information and is growing at an extraordinary speed. The flood of new information, valid or utterly useless, will only increase.

Content on the Internet has become a way to promotes one’s business or services. People are creating content with the hope of building an image and creating more sales. If you can offer some useful information or insight on a particular subject then the benefit to the reader can be substantial. Additionally, the knowledge you have shared will create a buzz about you and your business.

You will be on the road to branding your name and business, which is the first step toward the coveted recognition that can make you a household name. For this reason, the quality of the articles you submit is so important. I have been writing content on an off the Internet since 1998. I trying my very best to put together a masterpiece every time. I tend to fall short of that much more often than not, but I do try nonetheless. For me, the reason I write is not only to share my knowledge with the reader, it is also to prove my expertise in the SEO field. It certainly won’t help my reputation or my business if I am anything less than accurate and insightful. Writing articles also helps me to market myself and keep my name in front of people as much as possible so they will associate my name with the type of work I do. Familiarity builds trust with the reader.

People get to know me through my writing and are consequently more comfortable doing business with me than someone they would consider a stranger. Building these bonds with the online community will result in lasting readership and sales. This brings me to my next point.

Content is also a great way for people to build backlinks to their site, unless they are using programs that generate content. These types of software hold no value whatsoever. Why would you want to associates your product or service with poorly written articles? You will only succeed in giving people who read your content a negative perception of your business while doing a great disservice to those of us who write articles for the benefit of the reader and ourselves.

The only reason I would come to your site from a software generated article is to see what the name of your site is so I’ll know in the future to stay away from it. Even if you were into spamming and offering Viagra pills or bogus get rich programs on the net, these articles will just show people how much of a fraud you really are. If people thought your service or product was bogus, you could try to plead your case with well written articles. Fortunately for the public at large, there isn’t much that worthy to write about if you are in these types of businesses.

What if you can’t write well?

There are plenty of services out there that can help improve your original content or write outstanding articles about your business. If done correctly, articles will accomplish three major things:

A) They will brand you or your company as a leader in your field and separate you from the competition.

B) They will drive quality traffic to your site. Your chances of a sale are increased 55% if someone reads your article and then goes on to your site.

C) They will build quality, one way backlinks to your site which will help increase your Google Page rank.

So the next time you think about where you should spend your advertising dollars, remember this article. A well written article will not only drive in high quality traffic but can also spread like wild fire on the Internet. The life expectancy of a high quality article is much longer than any paid advertising you will ever use. Best of all, you’ll have an opportunity to educate the public about your business and show them that you want them to be educated consumers.If you use this article you must use the bio below and make all links active!

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