Orbaz Particle Flow Tool Box

Posted on: Ocak 19, 2009

Particle Flow Tools is a set of operators and other software tools created by the original author of Particle Flow for extending its capabilities. Some of these are improved versions of the features in Particle Studio, Atomizer, Glider and Spray Master plug-ins, while others are brand new, designed to the specifications of top Hollywood special-effects artists who use them in movie production. You can drop the Particle Flow Tools plug-ins into your 3ds max installation and instantly start using its powerful capabilities to organize and ease your workflow, as well as create amazing particle effects that were previously impossible or would have required extensive scripting.

Particle Flow Tools: Box#1
The plug-in extends the power of the original Particle Flow system with 14 new operators in three categories: Painting, Groups, and Utilities. The Painting tools cause particles to emit from hand-specified parts of objects, or based on animated textures. The Group tools let you create specific subsets of particles and then apply commands to those particles only. And Utilities covers a range of functionality for optimization, managing Particle View, and even creating new particles from preset shapes including alphanumeric characters and musical notes (2D and 3D).

Particle Flow Tools: Box#3 Pro
As soon as the original Particle Flow for 3ds Max was released, special-effects wizards started clamoring for more control over their particle effects. Particle Flow Tools: Box#3 Pro is the answer to their (and your) prayers, giving you ultimate power over your particle system. Design your own operators and tests by combining 23 different suboperators with the unique new Data Flow GUI. Mix and match data types, access objects and other particle systems in the 3ds Max scene, set up complex calculations with a few clicks: It’s all within your grasp with Box#3 Pro! Also included are two powerful new Cache operators and Display Data for monitoring your custom and other operators. Don’t forget the icing on the cake: a variety of amazing presets for using as is or customizing to your preferences.


You can download evaluation versions of this and more info here :


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