Softimage/Autodesk CAT 3.3 for 3ds Max 2008/2009

Posted on: Ocak 7, 2009

A complete character animation system plug-in for Autodesk 3ds Max. CAT offers artists in the film, post-production, and games industries an environment to produce better animations faster.

CAT makes it easy to create any kind of character rig. Build custom rigs lightning-quick, or use presets to create everything from humans and horses, to lizards and dragons, to spiders, crabs, and creepy-crawlies of all kinds. Include as many spines, heads, bones, fingers and toes as you want. CAT even supports highly complex rigs like centipedes, which are impossible to create using standard 3ds Max tools!
Quick and Easy Character Animation

Animating with CAT is easy. In just a few clicks, you can create walk cycles using CAT’s procedural animation tools and drive your character by attaching it to a path. The CAT rig automatically calculates foot placement, even on undulating terrain! Test and tweak ’til your heart’s content—CAT will display the results instantly!
High Quality – Unmatched Flexibility

CAT makes it easy to achieve high quality character animation quickly, reliably, and repeatably. Animation layering and clip editing allow you to create clips and reuse animations non-destructively. You can blend between distinct animations or add additional detail and secondary motion without sacrificing the base animation. Intuitive procedural systems like the CAT spine let you animate extremely complex character movements in a matter of clicks.
Incredible Realism

The all new CATMuscle adds incredible realism to your character animations by simulating muscle movements under the skin!


Download trial version of this plugin and more info here :

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