Itoo Forest Pack Pro v3.0 for 3DSMax

Posted on: Aralık 8, 2008

Forest Pack is a package of plugins for 3D Studio Max and 3D Studio Viz, designed to give a complete solution for creation of vast surfaces of trees and plants. There are other plugins that allow you to create beautiful trees (with thousands of faces), but only Forest enables you to create a complete forest with thousands of trees using only a fraction of the resources.

Some of its features:

  • Forest is a parametric and animatable object, optimized for speed. It can create more than 500,000 trees per second, modify any parameter and rebuild them in real-time.
  • Trees are created from an editable geometry list, that may contain textured planar objects or custom meshes.
  • Forest uses splines to define the areas to plant the trees. You can use multiple splines to define areas of inclusion and exclusion.
  • The distribution of trees is managed with bitmaps. You can create custom distribution patterns, from lines or very regular groups to fully random surfaces. The plugin includes some sample distribution maps but it will also accept user created maps.
  • Forest can be linked to a camera, so that all billboard trees will be facing perpendicular to the camera. This solves the problem of seeing planar objects from different angles when the camera moves past them.
  • To minimize resource utilization, tree distribution can be restricted to the camera’s field of view. This enables the user to create a fly by of a forest of virtually millions of trees, without wasting scene resources on trees that are out outside the edge of the frame.
  • Automatic distribution of trees over any surface (irregular terrains, etc.)
  • You can limit the elements in a surface by ranges of altitude and slope.
  • Random transformation of position, rotation and scale.
  • Custom level-of-detail allows for faster redraw in the viewports. You can set different levels for viewports and render.
  • You can use the XShadow plugin for opacity mapped shadow casting on tree objects. Forest supports raytraced shadows as well.
  • You can also use Forest as a generic and enhanced scatter (no trees after all). Visit the image gallery for some samples.
  • The plugins included in Forest Pack are: Forest, XShadow, Forest Tools and Forest Material

More info :

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