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Corvette 3d car model – .max and .3ds – 859 KB

Modelled by David Lim. Corvette low poly game model textured with bitmaps and materials. Comes with diffuse and normal map.

Zebra 3d animal model – .max, .3ds, .obj – 8.8MB

High resolution animal model of zebra, textured with bitmaps(standard material).

Interesting Fact:

Zebras with their stripes may look same at the first glance, but the pattern of stripes differ like human fingerprint. This difference is used to identify them by the scientists.


BMW 1 3d car model – .max, .3ds – 7MB

Medium resolution BMW 1 car model textured with bitmaps and standard materials. Comes with 3dsmax 8 and 3dsmax 2009 version.