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What is Batzal Software Roof Designer?

Roof Designer is a new plug-in, currently only for Autodesk 3D Studio Max which helps architecture visualizers to model roofs.
The Work Process

Roof Designer lets the user constrain mesh faces to geometrical planes, making all of the face’s vertices reside on one flat surface.
Roof Designer automatically texture the output and can even put mesh tiles, of the user’s choice, on it.
This process takes no more than few minutes, a fraction of the time that it takes to get the same results without it.
Evaluation Period

The Roof Designer plug-in gives an evaluation period of 14 days to test its capabilities. although can’t be used commercially, the plug-in is fully functional during that time. After 14 days the plug-in will be locked until a License Activation Code will be supplied. The License Activation Code can be purchased in this website.

Roof Designer comes with a documentation file, explaining every control and dialog of it. the documentation file also has a tutorial for getting started. This site has an online troubleshooting forum for peers and development team support. it’s also possible to contact the development team through E-mail, check the Contacts section for that…

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